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Cheyne Walk II Chelsea

Sunlight glinting upon the water, the call of geese and the chug of a passing barge…. there is no better way to experience the very soul of London than a stay upon the Thames itself. And here, at Chelsea Embankment, you’ll find Cheyne Walk 2 moored and waiting. Afloat, it may be, but no luxury has been sacrificed - stripped wood floors, a wood-burning stove and a freestanding bath will leave you feeling deeply cosseted. And the view! When you’re ready, the shops and restaurants of Chelsea are waiting… but with a home as enchanting as this, you may find yourself reluctant to step ashore.

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Sleeps 2 1 bedroom
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 bathroom
 Property type  
 House boat   
 Babies welcome   
 Property features  
 Roof terrace/garden   
 Washer / Dryer   
 Hair dryer   
 Washing machine   
 Personal welcome   
 Local activities  
 Concert hall   
4 rooms, including:
 Sitting Room  
 Satellite or cable   
 Dish washer   
 Washing machine   
 Hob (gas)   
 Master bedroom  
 King size bed   
 Satellite or cable   
 Shower room  
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