Covent Garden

Introducing Covent Garden

Once a quiet convent, today Covent Garden is the fashionable centre of London’s shopping and theatre districts. Along with neighbouring Leicester Square, the area is the heart of London’s theatreland – top of the billing are the Royal Opera House, the Theatre Royal and the English National Opera, titans of the international dramatic circuit where you’ll see some of the finest performances the UK has to offer.

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      Street performers

      You’ll find all manner and all types of urban minstrels, on the walk down from Covent Garden tube station, and then in and around the piazza itself.

      The Royal Opera House

      This bastion of the British arts establishment has successfully shaken off its stuffy, elitist image, and now is a thriving centre for all sorts of experimental operatic, dance and theatrical works.

      Where is there such another maze of streets, courts, lanes, and alleys? So Charles Dickens wrote of Seven Dials, the northern portion of Covent Garden’s intricate layout.

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