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Highlever Road Ladbroke Grove

From the fuchsia pink sofa to the scarlet splashback, Highlever Road is a real head turner. Gorgeously girly, this is a home that’s not just a place to lay your head. You’ve a stand for your cupcakes, too. Antique furniture sits comfortably alongside modern designs to create a look that’s fun, flirty and bold.

But it’s not just fabulous interiors that have us swooning over this home. You’re a mere ten minutes’ walk from Notting Hill, surrounded by parks, while the vast shopping emporium of Westfield’s within an easy stagger. In fact, we’d say that Highlever Road is a find that’ll see you through every season.

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Sleeps 3 - 8
Comfortably sleeps 3 people. At a stretch the home could accommodate a maximum of 8 people with air/sofa beds.
4 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
3 bathroom
3 bathroom
 Washing machine   
 Babies welcome   
 Children welcome   
 Toddlers welcome   
 Property features  
 Property type  
 Standard equipment  
 Ironing board  
 Local activites  
 Antique shops   
9 rooms, including:
 Sitting room  
 Working fireplace   
 Dish washer   
 Hob (gas)   
 Dining room  
 Master bedroom (king)  
 King size bed   
 Ensuite, master bedroom  
 Bath with Integrated Shower (2)  

Every stay includes

  • Wifi as standard

  • iPhone for data & local calls

  • A welcome to the home

  • Toiletries, towels & linens

  • Local recommendations

  • Top-notch cleaning

  • 24/7 phone support

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