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Redcliffe Square V South Kensington

Redcliffe Square V is like freshly buttered crumpets – comforting, cosy and traditional. This unfussy home is without pretensions, and the result is disarmingly pleasant. If it’s a friendly, practical space you seek, then you’ve found it, and best of all, your location is nigh on perfect. Sightseers will revel in their close proximity to the museums of Albertopolis, to the razzmatazz of King’s Road and the unexpected serenity of the river. And that’s not all. Kensington Gardens and Knightsbridge are within a hop, skip and a jump, and you could spend a lifetime sampling all your local cafes and restaurants.

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Sleeps 2 - 3
Comfortably sleeps 2 people. At a stretch the home could accommodate a maximum of 3 people with air/sofa beds.
1 bedroom
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 bathroom
 Property type  
 Townhouse apartment   
 Babies welcome   
 Children welcome   
 Toddlers welcome   
 Property features  
 Washer / Dryer   
 Hair dryer   
 Personal welcome   
 Local activities  
 Concert hall   
4 rooms, including:
 Dish washer   
 Hob (gas)   
 Master bedroom  
 King size bed   

This home has a minimum stay of 4 nights

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  • Wifi as standard

  • iPhone for maps & local calls

  • Personal welcome

  • Toiletries, towels & 5* linens

  • Local recommendations

  • Hotel-grade cleaning

  • 24/7 phone support

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