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South-West London

Introducing South-West London

South West Londoners are fiercely proud of their side of the river. For centuries, this was outside-the-law country, with pleasure gardens, bull rings and massive estates owned by bishops but populated by brothels.

Today, it is the genteel stretch of the city, generously filled with green spaces and cute villages, each supporting its own classy eco-system. Transport links to central London are rich and plenty, but unless it’s a necessity, or indeed for work, locals tend to stay just that.

Here along the river's stretch, well-manicured mums sip flat whites after the school run, before popping into Petit Bateau for baby staples and perusing the little vintage boutiques for hand-sewn cushions and shabby-chic mirrors. Come sundown the wine bars and brasseries fill up with a young, jovial crowd all united in the free spirit and easy welcome of this southern city.

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  • Wimbledon

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