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Atlantic Avenue Boerum Hill

You might expect to hear a birdsong and babbling brooks in this woodsy Brooklyn home. It's cheery and organic, blooming with bright colours and teeming with adorable animal figurines, like the roadrunner in the window, the bunny in the kitchen, and the penguin lurking on the converted coffee-table bookshelves. When you settle into this gentler rhythm of life, you might even forget you're in the heart of Brooklyn. Grab your trail guide and hiking boots, set up a blind inside a cafe, and take field notes on the native flora and fauna you'll find here.

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Sleeps 2 - 3
Comfortably sleeps 2 people. At a stretch the home could accommodate a maximum of 3 people with air/sofa beds.
1 bedroom
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 bathroom
 Tumble dryer   
 Washing machine   
 Babies welcome   
 Children welcome   
 Toddlers welcome   
 Property type  
 Apartment building   
 Standard equipment  
 Ironing board  
 Local activites  
 Antique shops   
 Concert hall   
4 rooms, including:
 Sitting room  
 Dish washer   
 Master bedroom (queen)  
 Queen size bed   
 Apple TV   
 Hanging rail   

Every stay includes

  • Wifi as standard

  • iPhone for data & local calls

  • A welcome to the home

  • Toiletries, towels & linens

  • Local recommendations

  • Top-notch cleaning

  • 24/7 phone support

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