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Unforgettable As urbane as Nat King Cole, as fun as Ray Charles and with all the heart of Ella Fitzgerald, Rue Guersant II will render you fine and mellow. A generously-proportioned apartment with armfuls of soul, where vast windows, bright pigments and exotic carvings speak of endless summertime. And there’s even a piano for playing your own tunes. Looking for something cool? You’re within easy reach of the Bois de Boulogne, and only a couple of streets from the Arc de Triomphe and the top of the Champs–Élysées. Fly me to the moon Your host spent a number of years as a diplomat. Now, his twin callings of hiking and travel take him across the globe – indeed, he’s about to begin a trek in Nepal. Feelin’ good Wild animals stalk the walls and shelves – relics from your host’s trips to the savannah, and there’s a warmth to the colour scheme, where sand, taupe and biscuit enliven white walls. The furniture’s modern and relaxed, with dining space for four and a further perching point in the neat kitchen, and the bedrooms – a sweet single and a glorious double – are strewn with music memorabilia. At dusk, be sure to step out onto the balcony to catch the last notes of the day’s birdsong.