West 4th Townhouse

marker_slateWest Village, Manhattan

  • guests6 
  • bed3
  • bathtub2

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Dewey decimal system The story goes that the Village had its heyday in the ‘60s, when Ginsberg, Kerouac and Capote flocked to the basement bars and coffee houses. But while the Beat Generation have greyed, this home remains as smart as ever. Here are literary classics, tomes on travel – even the airy kitchen is abulge with clever cookbooks. And you won’t need a breadth of reading and reference to keep up. Whether you’d prefer to relax in the Eames chair, escape to the roof deck or take a tour of the varied artworks, this stylish home will hold everyone equally enthralled. Man of letters His shelves may heave with volumes, but your erudite host is no mere bookworm. And how could he be, with all the restaurants, cafés and juice bars of the West Village within an amble? Annotations West 4th Townhouse finds its home in words – and so will you with a browse of the sitting room’s shelves. Tread across the hardwood floor to the modern, red couch, turn to the white, minimal kitchen with its slick barstools, or head downstairs to find the book-lined office and the minimalist garden. Everything about this home’s interiors is fresh and invitingly light – a theme taken up by the roof deck and its panoramic views. Young ones will thrill at Spiderman’s presence in the single bedroom, and when it’s time for the endnote, do try the elegant, uncluttered master.