Ericsson Loft

marker_slateTribeca, Manhattan

  • guests4 
  • bed2
  • bathtub2

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Taking shape Ericsson Loft has been styled with an array of bold graphics and colours by the artistic host. As soon as you enter, you’ll find a wooden sliding door in the centre of the hallway. This takes you into the second bedroom (with a double bed), and to the left is a small office nook and a bathroom. The master bedroom is at the end of the hall. Here, mirrored nightstands reflect a patterned rug, and the queen-size bed is flanked by grey geometric lamps. The ensuite is also stylish, with subway-tiled walls and a pair of basins. Follow the star-print rug to the right from the front door, and you’ll enter the main space of the home, where things really come together. The kitchen is artfully decorated with a faux zebra rug and lacquered grey cabinets, and there’s a large L-shaped sofa in the sitting room, in front of a modern (and well-stocked) bookshelf. Whitewashed brick walls give way to glass doors, which open onto a pretty balcony.