Goldleaf Loft

marker_slateChelsea, Manhattan

  • guests4-5 
  • bed3
  • bathtub2

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Appetizer Tie on your apron and sharpen your knives – you're in for a real culinary treat in this spacious collectors’ loft. Robust statuary, intricate area rugs, and striking contemporary artwork are served up in an exquisite banquet of flavourful taste. This home is a well-balanced meal, flavoured by your hosts’ amazing collection of artefacts from Asia and Africa. If you don’t believe us then look it up: there is a floor-to-ceiling research library at your fingertips. In this home, we heartily recommend having more cooks in the kitchen. Fresh Ingredients Your hosts are from the worlds of art and fashion, each from a different hemisphere, who enjoy living in a neighbourhood where fresh ingredients from all over the world can be found within a one block radius, perfect for trying out new recipes and hosting dinner parties. When they’re ready to let someone else do the cooking, they simply take off the oven mitts and walk to an around the clock offering of international cuisines, from Michelin starred restaurants to mom and pop burger joints. Main course While epicurean delights abound, the hotspot is the kitchen, a sumptuous open space outfitted with a dream stove, black granite countertops and all the appliances that a chef might need. Serve your global feast at the vintage Spanish roundtable, illuminated overhead by a floating chandelier that looks like spun sugar. There is always room for dessert. Open a sliding panel and there lies a bedroom, each one crafted as a luxe candybox of sweet comfort.