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Perugia, Umbria

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The castle appears in all its majesty, standing out among the greenery of Monte Tezio on a few kilometers away from Perugia, the capital of Umbria. This private eight bedroom castle is situated in the mountains on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. Recently transformed into the ultimate destination for a luxury holiday, the heart of the castle was erected in the twelfth century, in order to control the road below which starts in Perugia and leads to Gubbio. The castle is located at 580 meters above sea level and from there it dominates the Tiber valley. The history of this property is already noticeable at the entrance, where the imposing gate and the front door are situated, giving access to the courtyard. Two building host the luxurious suites, which are decorated with precious antiques and each of them are furnished with a different dominant color. Each room has a fireplace, velvet drapes, frescoes, artwork, renaissance tapestries, antique furniture, which all together create a perfect atmosphere at this spectacular property. Outside the walls of the castle there is the antique church, decorated with a spectacular fresco of the year 1400, preserved by plaster for 400 years and just discovered by the present owners. On about a 100 meters distance from the castle, along a path through the olive groves, there is a super panoramic swimming pool overlooking the castle and the valley and located next to a brand new fitness center and a hammam. The castle has a dining room, living room and a professional kitchen for guests to enjoy. Eating in front of the open fireplace at the ancient long table, surrounded by historical artworks is like going back in time for a few centuries. Dining in the antique beamed room, or on the open rooftop terrace to enjoy the spectacular view of the Tiber valley is just a unique experience. The chef serves all delicacies sourced from the very finest local ingredients.