Life in Rome – five tips for a perfect dinner party

Food, friends and family are at the centre of Roman life – what better way to combine these ingredients than a summer dinner party? We got together with Emiko Davies and her friends in Rome to swap stories, share food and experience la dolce vita. Here are five simple ways to make dinnertime into something special.    

Go al fresco. When in Rome, eat as the Romans do – that means in the summer months, head for the terrace or garden and have your evening meal in the open air.

Keep it casual. A carefree touch like an unironed linen tablecloth will keep things feeling fun and informal. To pick up your own authentic tablecloth, take a look at Society Limonta.

Make it your own. Handwritten menus and homemade table decorations are a great way to bring some of your personality into the evening.

Serve aperitivo. This delightful Italian tradition of a pre-dinner drink stimulates the appetite – and stimulates conversation too. Aperol spritz (a mix of Prosecco, Aperol and soda water) is a popular choice, while the traditionalists opt for Campari, Aperol’s older brother.

Eat as the sun goes down. The pinkish hues of the evening sun will make your meal all the more magical.

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