Family travel: In conversation with Green Kitchen Stories

When you’re travelling with family, you want things to be simple – space to spread out, facilities for cooking and spending time together. We got together in London with Green Kitchen Stories to talk food, family travel and the benefits of staying with onefinestay.

How do you maintain the balance between your work life and family life – both at home and when you’re travelling?

"Finding that balance is definitely not easy and something that we often talk about with each other. As freelancers with a high social media presence it can be very difficult to shut off. But the kids actually help us with that. It’s simply not possible to work with them around so from the second we pick them up from school and pre-school and until they have fallen asleep, we don’t look at our phones. It’s a little more difficult when we travel.

And when we’re traveling with the children it’s often holiday and then we just focus on family life, playtime and exploration."

How do you create a space for yourself to focus on work when you’re travelling with your family?

"On the occasions when we bring our kids on work trips, we often need to bring grandma so they can have some fun with her instead of having to follow us to work. It is very helpful to stay in houses so we don’t all have to be in the same room all the time. The kids can play in the garden while we prepare for an event in another room."


What was the best thing about staying in a onefinestay home for your business/leisure trip? Is there anything you couldn’t do in a hotel?

"Oh, it was such a dream stay! We much prefer staying in apartments, houses or with friends when we travel with our children. Our onefinestay homewas so much better than a hotel in every aspect. There was plenty of room for all of us, we had a garden and – most importantly – a kitchen. Being able to prepare breakfast for the children in the morning (regardless of when they wake up) or having an early dinner is priceless when traveling with three young children. Bringing them to a restaurant can be fun a couple of times, but not for every meal. With our onefinestay home we also found ourselves in a really nice, residential neighborhood with lots of parks, playgrounds and fun things to explore where hotels usually are located in more central and touristic neighborhoods."

As chefs and parents, what are your go-to kid-friendly snacks that you can quickly whip up in a kitchen?

"We always buy a bag of rolled oats, apples and bananas, nut butter, eggs and plant milk and freshly squeezed juice when we travel for a number of quick breakfast and snack options. With those ingredients we can make a quick soaked oats in the morning, banana pancakes or simply some sliced fruit with nut butter. They’re all super quick and the kids love them. But honestly, with a well-equipped kitchen (like the dream kitchen we had at onefinestay) we also make more elaborate dinners in our home away from home. It might sound boring coming to a new city and eating at home, but we love exploring markets and shopping for local ingredients. It really makes you feel like a local instead of a tourist."

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