Willow Crossley: How to make floating ferns

We recently met up with blogger and floral stylist Willow Crossley to talk home, hosting and flowers. We also got her to share her tips on how to make floating ferns, a great way to get some greenery in your home for that New Tropical look. You can follow her steps below:


Ingredients: 4 fern fronds (the longer the better), green floristry stub, garden clippers (secateurs), metal circular wreath, fishing wire, tree branch

1. Starting at the stalk end of one frond, wrap stub wire over the around the base of each leaf and around the metal circle.Wrap the wire around tightly,

keeping it as close to the circle as possible so there are no gaps. Stop winding just before you reach the tip of the frond.

2. Start again with a new frond, making sure you tuck the beginning of it under the tip of the frond you’ve just wired.

3. Keep going until you’ve covered the whole circle in ferns. Cut off any protruding pieces of wire.

4. Attach a length of fishing wire to the top of the wreath and hang where it can be admired.

Step 1.

Step 2.