Making a statement: colour and patterns in onefinestay homes

Last week, we spoke to Hubert Zandberg, our designer-at-large, about using colours and patterns in the home. His top tip – think about designing your home as if you’re putting an outfit together, but one that you have to wear every day. We had a look through our onefinestay homes to see some of his tips in practice. 

A simple colour scheme allows you to experiment with different patterns and textures, as you can see in Carbon Beach Terrace’s splendid sitting room.

Bold dashes of colour in Rue du Temple and Albion Road's indoor plants really bring the rooms to life.

In Cast Iron Loft II, metallic textures, particularly copper, are the jewellery. They draw your eye and, as Hubert puts it, give the space a bit of ‘ping’.

We’re all used to combining patterns and colours – we do it every morning when we get dressed. So whether it’s a pair of metallic heels with a little black dress or a purple sofa with patterned cushions like in Priory Road, if you’re unsure about a particular combination, come back to it in a few hours and see how it strikes you.