Scrubbing up: Hubert Zandberg talks bathroom design

Bathrooms can be a tricky design challenge. Form and function have to be delicately balanced –  often, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, so space has to be used very carefully. We sat down with with Hubert Zandberg, our designer-at-large, to talk about designing a room around your morning ritual, and making it beautiful at the same time.

Keep it simple

‘’There’s a golden rule with bathrooms: never use more than three or four materials. A black-and-white colour scheme is always a winner, and it’s much easier to accessorise with a monochromatic scheme. Limiting your choice like this will immediately make the room feel calmer and give you space to experiment and play with patterns.’’

Get creative

‘’I love to turn bathrooms into unexpected spaces. Why not turn the bathroom into a library, or a gallery, and hang your art there, or an orangerie with lots of plants? I find it interesting to toy with the traditional functions of rooms.’’

Plan ahead

‘’With a bathroom, it’s always important to plan meticulously. It’s a multi-functional room, and often small, so the ergonomics need to be absolutely perfect, and every inch needs to be used. You need to think about how you use the room – what’s your ritual?’’

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All photos courtesy of Hubert Zandberg Interiors.