Shelf life: our favourite styled shelves

After talking to our designer-at-large Hubert Zandberg about how a well-stocked shelf can bring colour and character to your home, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites from onefinestay homes.

Ardilaun Road

There are more ornaments than books on Ardilaun Road’s reclaimed-wood bookcase. The plants, photographs and children’s toys add a personal touch to this family home.

Harvist Road III and Rue Chapon

Books fill the shelves of Harvist Road III, arranged by colour to produce a captivating rainbow pattern. In Rue Chapon, art and sculpture fill the shelves in place of literature.

Priory Road

With a row of Encyclopedia volumes on its lower shelf, the bookcase of Priory Road speaks of sophistication. Above, monochrome ceremonial masks bring out the vibrance of the home’s paintings.

Ufford Street and Nevern Square VII

At both of these homes, books have been arranged by colour. The grid-like shelving at Nevern Square VII is full of character, with a model aircraft, an assortment of bike helmets and black-and-white photographs.

Carlyle House

Here the shelving (complete with a library ladder to reach the loftier volumes) has been tailor-made to fit beneath the beautiful gabled roof of this Santa Monica home.

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