Shelf life: our favorite styled shelves

  We’ve picked out a few of our favorite onefinestay homes with well-stocked shelves that bring color and character to the home, take a look.

Ardilaun Road

There are more ornaments than books on Ardilaun Road’s reclaimed-wood bookcase. The plants, photographs and children’s toys add a personal touch to this family home.

Union Place III

A little more on the quirky side, Union Place III has a toilet room hidden behind a bookcase.

Priory Road

With a row of Encyclopedia volumes on its lower shelf, the bookcase of Priory Road speaks of sophistication. Above, monochrome ceremonial masks bring out the vibrance of the home’s paintings.

Ufford Street and Prospect Place Townhouse II

At both of these homes, color is a key part of the design. The staircase bookshelf within Prospect Place Townhouse II is stylishly designed, complimenting the rest of the house. Ulfford Street's bookshelf is arranged by color bringing this classic home right up-to-date.

Rue de Varenne III

Here the shelving is accompanied by guilded walls making a statement. It is in keeping with the lavishly decorated sitting room.