Willow Crossley: How to make hydrangea pompoms

Earlier this year, we sat down for a chat with Willow Crossley. An expert on all things floral, she shared her tips on how to bring nature into your home. After teaching us how to make floating fern decorations, Willow showed us how to make her hydrangea pompoms. Follow the instructions below to add a romantic touch to your home.

1. Wrap fishing wire around the middle of a ball of florist’s foam, leaving two long ends.

2. Secure the wire in place with drawing pins (thumbtacks). Use around eight to make sure it holds.

3. Tie the two ends of the wire together.

4. Break off small florets from some dried hydrangea heads, making sure that their stems are strong enough to pierce the foam ball. You’ll need about four heads to cover it completely.


5. Start inserting the florets into the ball, keeping them all very close together to hide the foam beneath. If this starts to get a bit fiddly, you can push them in with a pair of small scissors.

6. Once the hydrangeas completely cover the ball, you’re ready to hang your pompom in pride of place – perhaps beside a window, or above the dining table.

 All photos are from Willow Crossley’s book ‘Inspire’, published by CICO Books. Photography by Emma Mitchell