Christmas movie homes

Ever wanted to step straight into the world of one of your favorite festive movies? We know the feeling – so we’ve put together a collection of homes that are strikingly similar to some famous movie haunts, all ready for you to escape to. 

 The Holiday (LA)

If you love the stylish LA home from The Holiday, Devista Drive’s sure to impress. This home shares the same smart, near-monochrome color palette, and is similarly furnished too. It also has those double-height ceilings and wide windows, the better to let in the Californian sun. 


The Holiday (England)

If The Holiday’s country cottage is more your thing, we think Moonlight Barn in England is a great match. Thanks to original details, quirkily mismatched furniture and printed rugs, this home’s living areas have a very cozy feel – especially since there’s a working fireplace.


Roman Holiday

Piazza Mattei has a regal air that recalls the Hepburn classic Roman Holiday. Not only is this Rome home full of decadent original details – we especially love the frescoes, ornate coving and gilded antiques – its contemporary pieces are all fit for a princess too. 


Four Christmases 

There’s plenty about Wetherby Place II that reminds us of Four Christmases, not least the open-plan kitchen, with its minimalist design and cool concrete accents. This London home’s clean-cut sitting room – all chrome, white leather and more polished concrete – also bears a real resemblance. 


Family Stone

We think this Manhattan townhouse has the same boho vibe as the home from Family Stone. That’s especially true of the kitchen (done in a charming old-school style) and of Lenox Townhouse’s sitting room, which has an original fireplace, unfussy furniture and patterned cushions and rugs. 


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