Green means go: Loft life, a how-to

Loft living is all the rage – an open, spacious style that’s well-suited to summer in a city.  You don’t have to live in Manhattan to bring ingredients from this elegantly laidback living into your life. We asked our Art Director – and style guru – Eleonora Valle to shed some light on the subject, and explain how we can all bring a bit of loft life to our homes.



Eclectic but uncluttered

“A big open space can be daunting, so it’s important to give it some character – Persian rugs, palm-print cushions or a striking feature sofa really soften the space. But don’t go overboard – you’re aiming for a varied, uncluttered environment.”

Go green

“Think of a loft, and you’ve probably got an image with a spider plant trailing elegantly against a white wall or palm fronds in front of a steelcase window. What better to bring a home to life than living plants?”
Take a look at our in-house houseplant expert’s tips on the best plants for your home here.


Deck the walls

“One of the many wonderful things about lofts is the tall white walls – I like to think of them as a canvas for self-expression. You could go for something iconically lofty – like a Man Ray print, or even an array of different botanical illustrations to complement your other natural accents.” You can check out our tips on hanging art at home here.


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