Reasons to visit Italy

Italian cities feel full of life – and it’s no wonder. From parades that date back centuries, to contemporary food and film festivals, there’s always something being celebrated in Italy. We’ve put together a list of our favorite events, all loved by locals and visitors alike. 


In Florence, every part of the year has its own festival. At the end of March there’s Florentine New Year, celebrated with a parade at which stalls sell traditional brigidini (a kind of sweet wafer). June 24th is a feast day for the city’s patron saint (St John the Baptist), marked by a civic parade, the opening of the San Niccolò Tower, a 10k run and plenty of other events. Later, in September, there’s the not-to-be-missed Festa della Rificolona – a paper lantern parade to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.

If you want to see for yourself, Piazza S. Croce I is close to all the action – and this charming Florence home is full of original details and impressive artworks too. 



Cosmopolitan and lively, Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, and the city plays host to Fashion Week twice a year (in February and September). In September, the sixth edition of the very popular Fashion Film Festival will be happening too. In this smartest of cities there’s also an exciting Digital Week (in March), followed by the very popular Design Week in April, which sees restaurants and bars stay open late to cater to floods of style-focused visitors, plus plenty of special events all over the city.

If you’d love to feel the buzz, Via Lomazzo – a vibrant home that’s all design furniture and unique artworks – echoes the city’s stylishness, and is situated so close to the metro that it’ll be easy to explore.



In Rome – a city of awe-inspiring sights – events tend to be a real spectacle. That’s especially true of the Natale di Roma – a celebration of Rome’s birthday that takes place on April 21st every year. The day starts with a costumed parade from the historic Circo Massimo, and ends with a light display at the Roman Forum and fireworks at the Colosseum. Another event worth planning your trip around is the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, where you might see the opera Tosca performed against a background of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. 

If you fancy getting to know Rome, Via del Cardello is incredibly central – and beautiful. We especially love the snug-yet-striking sitting and dining room. 



Even if the big cities aren’t your thing, there’s plenty going on elsewhere in Italy. Every summer, the Giostra della Quintana (Joust of the Quintana) is held in verdant Umbria. As well as the joust – a tradition which dates back centuries –  there’s also a costumed parade and plenty of food and drink stalls. In the autumn, Umbria also hosts Eurochocolate, a nine-day festival dedicated wholly to chocolate. As well as stalls and tasting tours, you’ll also be able to admire chocolate sculptures made especially for the event by international chocolatiers. 

If you’d like to explore Umbria, Villa Borghetto (super sleek inside, its wide windows overlooking lush and generous gardens) is our current favorite home here. 



Interest piqued? This is just a taste of what’s coming up in Italy this year – wherever you stay, there’ll be something unforgettable to see. View all our homes in Italy here