Top tips for visiting Maui

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, exotic Maui is paradise for any traveller seeking luxury as well as adventure. Six hours from LA and ten from Sydney, if you’re looking to escape you can’t do much better than this. Here are some of our top tips if you’re visiting Maui.

Looking for restaurants

Book restaurants a couple of days in advance. Popular restaurants can get busy, especially in peak season. We think Mama’s Fish House is a must! 

One of our most popular vacation homes within Wailea is Wailea Sunset Estate which has a priceless and stunning panoramic ocean front setting. It is situated not far from some of the most popular restaurants within Maui


Where to drive

Drive the Road to Hana – but take it slow as it can be windy and the stops are easily missed. This drive is full of hidden gems to discover, from bamboo forests and black sand beaches, to lava tube caves and waterfalls. Set off early to beat the crowds – you can pick up banana bread snacks on the way. 


Best place to see the sunset

Take in the sunset (at 9,740 feet above sea level) from the Haleakala Visitor Center. The sunrise is impressive too, and there are tours that will take you up and then give you bikes to cycle back down again – just be sure to dress for the early morning chill. 


What beaches to visit

Maui’s many beaches are incredible – it’s easy to find beautiful spots to snorkel or see the wild turtles. Don’t miss Kaanapali Beach, where there’s a daily cliff diving ritual that takes place at sunset.

The perfect place to stay when enjoying Kaanapali Beach is Hawaiian Hale, one of the most luxurious and elegant beachfront homes on all of Maui. 


Taking care

Don’t forget sunscreen. The sun’s very strong on Maui, although the afternoon breezes can make it feel cool. 


What to drink

Finally, try all the Mai Tais – every place makes them differently, so it’ll be fun to find your favorite. 

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