Sara Danesin's Oxtail Pappardelle

This is a very substantial recipe that requires a bit of patience but boy it pays off in the end.

One kilo of oxtail will yield more or less 500g of usable pulled meat and for this recipe you will need 220g of meat max. You can have the rest of the oxtail meat in a soup or simply warmed up as a very nutritious naked burger! 

Ingredients (for 4 people)


1kg of oxtail
2 garlic cloves
1 carrot 
1 celery stick 
1 onion
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 tbsp tomato paste
30 g butter
1/2 tbsp crushed juniper berries 
1/2 tbsp fennel seeds
1 sprig rosemary
4 tbsp  concentrated tomato paste 
1 glass of white wine 
4 glasses of boiling water 
Maldon salt
Black pepper
4 tbsp Grana Padang
Flour for dusting
200g Pappardelle Garofalo



Firstly season the oxtail and coat well in flour. In a large and deep cast iron pan put  the butter and melt. Brown the oxtail in batches and set aside.

In the same pan put finely chopped vegetables and seeds and sauté well. When the vegetables are well brown place the seared oxtail pieces in and mix well.  Add the rosemary and wine and allow to cook for a few minutes.Add the tomato paste ( dilute in 2 glasses of water) season to taste and  add the rest of water as last.

Put a lid on the pan ( if no lid use aluminium foil tightly fitted on)and cook for 6 hours in a 100c oven. When ready keep the meat in the pan and allow it to cool overnight in its juices.

The next day pick all the meat taking care to remove all the sinews. Chop roughly and keep the liquid separate and set aside. In the meantime boil a copious amount of water ,at least one litre per 100 g of pasta and when boiling add the salt, roughly speaking 2 tbsp rock salt, add the pasta. Stir well and cook to al dente. For Garofalo pappardelle it is about 8 minutes. When cooked, drain the pasta, add to the sauce and the extra virgin olive oil and stir well.

Add some Grana Padano. Serve at once.