Five tips for discovering Paris

When you’re discovering a new city, it can be hard to decide where to begin – the possibilities are endless. Here are five top tips from those in-the-know, to help you live Parisian.

Explore your neighbourhood.

Yasmin, SUNDAYSINPARIS – stayed at Rue Beaubourg II
I spend most of my time in Le Marais and in the 11th arrondissement working on SUNDAYSINPARIS, as it’s where a lot of the good coffee spots are located – not to mention great bars and restaurants. I have spent many weekends strolling along Rue des Martyrs in Pigalle stopping for brunch and a good coffee along the way. 

Create a new routine.

Lily Rose – stayed in Rue des Recollets III
When I’m travelling to a new place, I love to create daily habits that get me into a routine. For example, going to the local bakery every morning to get a fresh loaf of bread. After a few days, the baker will be a familiar face and will make me feel at home. 

Get on your bike.

Dean and Juliana Di Simone, tokyobike – stayed in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
We were very impressed with how the bike scene in Paris has become so integrated into the fabric of the city. It certainly allowed us to see far more of areas we were familiar with, but gave us new experiences travelling between our favourite neighbourhoods that we would have normally traversed in a taxi or metro. 

Bring someone you love.

Andrea Dabene – stayed in Rue des Recollets III.
I always love to travel with someone I love, like my partner, a good friend or a family member. I just love sharing beautiful moments with someone who’s important to me. I think travelling is very intimate, so choose the right person! 

Make it memorable.

Sarah Maycock
I finally saw Monet’s Water Lillies at the Musée de l’Orangerie and it was a euphoric experience. I can’t imagine there are paintings more beautiful in existence. I just couldn’t look enough at them – pure joy.

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