How to drink coffee like an Italian

Coffee has a far greater place in Italian culture than that other famous export, pizza, with Italians drinking 14 billion cups a year. As with any national treasure, there is an informal etiquette surrounding coffee drinking in Italy, so here are a few tips to help you drink coffee as the Romans do.

  • Most Romans only take milk in their coffee in the morning, and never after a meal, so get your cappuccino in early.
  • When you order a coffee, or un caffè, you’ll get what is usually referred to in the English-speaking world as an espresso. It’s usually drunk in one go, standing at the bar.
  • Make sure to drink your espresso immediately, as the coffee is prepared at a drinkable, rather than scalding, temperature. Don’t make the mistake of heading off to a table to make yourself comfortable – your coffee will get cold.

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