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Explore the verdant delights of Kauai

Affectionately referred to as ‘The Garden Island’, Kauai is a true tropical paradise. Blanketed by flourishing verdant valleys, adventure is always just around the corner. Within them, winding paths lead through to flowing rivers and mighty waterfalls - it’s easy to forget about the outside world as you trek through the leafy surroundings of the Kokee State Park. 

Soaring above the valleys are the island’s dramatic mountains and clifftops, beckoning keen explorers to scale their heights. Reach their peaks, and you’ll be rewarded with the most spectacular views across the sparkling North Pacific. Of course, you could just take it easy and soak up the relaxed island vibes in Kapaa or Princeville. Beaches are aplenty here too - from family-friendly bays with calm waters to those with strong waves perfect for surfing, there’s always the option for a chilled-out beach day.

The onefinestay experience

Whether you’re planning a relaxed holiday on Kauai’s gorgeous beaches or perhaps looking forward to a week of adventure, we can help you plan the perfect getaway. With our exclusive concierge services, you can enjoy everything from in-home spa treatments to personal chefs - as well as access to a wide range of pre-booked experiences. Your Travel Advisor will take you through all the individual options available to you once you’ve chosen your dream getaway, with everything arranged before your arrival. All you need to do is turn up and experience the beauty of this dazzling Hawaiian island.

Emerald rainforests and awe-inspiring seascapes await

A spectacular sight is never too far away in Kauai. Among its most popular natural attractions is Opaekaa Falls, a mighty waterfall towering at 151 feet. There’s a number of ways to get a good look at these incredible falls - simply drive up Kuamoo Road for a great lookout point, or embrace your inner adventurer with a two-mile hike through the forest.

Discover the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ at Waimea Canyon. The rugged and craggy landscape of the canyon is a sight to behold, and you’ll find a whole host of interesting hiking routes in and around the Waimea Canyon State Park. 

Prefer the sights of aquamarine shores? Prepare to be blown away by the stunning Napali Coast. Stretching over 17 miles along the island’s north coast, this scenic stretch is renowned for its dramatic sea cliffs, deep valleys, and dreamy views of the glittering Pacific Ocean. Boat tours operate through the summer months and are one of the easiest ways to explore this corner of the island.

Take a stroll through the towns of Lihu’e and Kapaa

Enjoy shopping and dining experiences in the bustling town of Lihu'e. The capital of the island, you’ll also find the Kauai Museum here. Discover the rich history of Kauai; from its unique geological makeup to the arrival of Captain Cook. There’s plenty of other interesting attractions in the area too, including the Koloa Rum Company and the Kilohana Plantation. 

One of the larger towns on the island, Kapaa is a great place to pick up some traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Be sure to take a stroll through Coconut Marketplace, a shopping destination with stores offering a variety of local crafts, artwork, and jewellery. If you’re looking for somewhere to pick up a one-of-a-kind memento of your holiday, this is the place.

From horseback to helicopter

There’s more than one way to discover the natural delights of the island. From kayaking and snorkelling to zip-lining and sailing, adventure can be found everywhere. Saddle up and enjoy the sights of Kauai’s south shores from horseback like a true paniolo - Hawaiian cowboys who were herding cattle in the islands long before America’s Wild West.

Even those who prefer to stay out of all the action will find plenty of ways to soak up the sweeping views of Kauai’s verdant rainforests. Helicopter tours around the island let you sit back, relax, and gaze at the incredible sights below. In fact, you’ll get to see more than if you tried to hike through the dense valleys - some of the areas of the island are so remote, the only way you can truly catch a glimpse is from well up above.

Dining out in Kauai

You’ll find plenty of amazing eateries on the island serving up traditional Hawaiian delicacies, from freshly caught seafood to zesty pineapple-infused desserts. The Beach House is a must-visit for any seafood lovers in the group. Set directly upon the silken sands of the island’s sun-kissed southern shore, enjoy a barefoot chic atmosphere perfectly paired with excellent dishes. Sourcing the fish directly from local fishermen and the beef and coffee from neighbouring ranches, at this beautiful beachfront spot you’ll be able to sample the delectable flavours of this tiny isle.

For an authentic dining experience, be sure to book a table at The Plantation House by Gaylord’s in Lihue. This historic venue offers fine dining and an excellent selection of cocktails served with fruits freshly handpicked from the grounds of the plantation. Stop by late afternoon for a relaxing apéro, where you can try speciality cocktails and small plates such as poke, gyozas, and quesadillas.

Hukilau Lanai in Kapaa serves up tasty home comforts such as their farmer's market vegetable lasagne and local mushroom meatloaf, but it’s their green initiative that’s really impressive. As well as using local ingredients wherever possible, their scraps are collected by local farmers every evening, while any surplus vegetables are sent to the local Salvation Army’s weekly soup kitchen.

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