People Spotlight: Sherrie Downes

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Celebrating the incredible people behind onefinestay

Discover the amazing people behind onefinestay with our People Spotlight series. Avid explorers, can-do personalities and discerning characters, our team shares a common interest: a deep love for travel. 

Today we caught up with the lovely Sherrie Downes, Assistant Accountant, to chat about her thoughts on the travel industry, her favourite holiday destination and her time at onefinestay.

Your favourite trip/destination?

Tuscany - I loved the history in every town you visit (each place has its own story and experiences) and I would particularly advise going during the Flag Tossing Festivals held by the various towns in the summer. You can also enjoy award-winning gelato at Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano (they have tons of flavours) and some amazing open-air concerts.

What interests you about the travel industry?

Travelling encourages people to experience new cultures and their histories whilst meeting new people away from their comfort zone. I love going on holiday and visiting places I have never been before, experiencing everything they have to offer, and so love being a part of that journey for other people.

You’ve been with the company for over 8 years, how have you seen it evolve?

I have seen it evolve from being a couple of years old with only a couple of destinations to becoming part of a rapidly growing group with multiple destinations all over the world. The culture is forever changing, but one thing that I always associate with onefinestay is how it cares for its people. Not just staff members, but guests and homeowners as well.

Here at onefinestay, we are proud of our team culture and can-do spirit. How has this influenced your time at the company?

I love that there is a wealth of experience to be had here. There is never a shortage of work to be done and so you are not confined tightly to just a tiny role because there is a wide breadth of things to do, meaning your work is actually important to the business and in turn you are given the opportunity and support to progress.

And finally, what kept you with us for so long?

For the people! The thing I like about onefinestay most is the people. onefinestay has a habit of finding people who give their all to get the best result out of their work, but are also genuinely nice people who are just as willing to help you out and work with you on something as they are to do their own work and they like to have a good time together whilst they do so. There’s a real sense of ‘team’ here, which I think is very important in a company.

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