London with Caitlin Fisher


31 January, 2022


22 April, 2022

An enchanting winter escape to London

We were delighted to host the wonderful Caitlin Fisher and her family during their winter trip to London. They picked the gorgeous Palace Garden Terrace VI as their home of choice, possibly for its simple elegance or perhaps for its proximity to London’s finest parks and museums...

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Caitlin Fisher family in London

'We had such a wonderful time with our three young children as it was their first trip to the UK and was especially fun and festive during this time of year!

The home was wonderful for our family and the street was so picturesque. We loved being within walking distance to Kensington Gardens, particularly Princess Diana Playground, which was a HUGE hit with our children. They have officially declared it is their favourite playground they have ever been to.

It was also nice to be relatively close to the major museums, as well as have an abundance of darling shops and restaurants within walking distance.'

Caitlin Fisher

Caitlin Fisher family in London

Discover the heavenly home where Caitlin and her family stayed