Introducing Kensington

Wrapped around the south-western corner of Hyde Park, stay in Kensington and you’ll count the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge among your neighbours. Just behind the Royal residence of Kensington Palace is Kensington Gardens, where you can wander the Italian Gardens or browse the Serpentine Gallery. Classical music aficionados need look no further than the Royal Albert Hall, a world-renowned concert hall that plays host to the Proms every year.

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      Kensington Palace

      Forever etched in our minds with a sea of flowers outside after Diana’s death, the Palace now commemorates the free spirit of the princess with ambitious installations and exhibitions centred on fashion.

      Kensington Roof Gardens

      Atop the old Art Deco department stores lies 1.5 hectares of horticultural hedonism owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin group – a perfect place for dinner or a cocktail (or two) as the sun sets and London’s skyline stretches out before you.

      Bearing the words Royal Borough as part of an area name means responsibilities, and Kensington upholds them all: tradition, magnificence and heritage.

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