Peace of mind

The health, well-being and peace of mind of all our guests is our highest priority. In the event of our guests requiring non-urgent medical care during their stay with us, we have partnered with AXA, a world leader in insurance and assistance, to deliver two complimentary services, available on request any time of the day.

Our guests can either take advantage of the service which is most appropriate for their needs or opt to use both services.

Note: For urgent medical attention, guests should proceed directly to a hospital.

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What are the services?

Service 1: Complimentary telephone consultation with a qualified doctor

Available globally/across all our destinations

This service puts the guest in touch with an AXA vetted physician via phone, granting access to medical advice or, in some cases, a preliminary diagnosis. The service is free of charge and means the guest can directly access a medical professional without having to leave their holiday home. The telephone consultation is suitable for any non-urgent medical needs, including if the guest suspects they might be suffering from COVID-19 without displaying any severe symptoms. This service is currently available in the following languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

Service 2: Complimentary connection with a local AXA medical certified professional for an in-person appointment

Please note that this service is not available for guests in-stay in the USA

Should the guest wish to see a medical professional in person, the AXA medical network service will provide a direct connection to doctors, specialists and clinics located as close to the guest's home, villa or chalet as possible.

This international medical network is composed of thousands of accredited medical professionals from around the world, who work in line with AXA’s stringent standards.

This is a particularly useful service for those who require a Covid-19 test, directly connecting our guests to the nearest testing centres.

The AXA medical network recommendation service is free of charge. However, the guest will be responsible for any fees incurred at the physical consultation, including the consultation fee.

The AXA medical network provides access to a wide variety of physicians with different specialities - including, but not limited to - dentists, paediatricians and general practitioners.

How to access the services?

To access medical services for non-urgent concerns, our guest just needs to contact us at onefinestay via telephone or email.

We will provide our guest with a choice of two services: a free telephone consultation with a doctor or a recommendation from the AXA medical network for an in-person appointment.

Telephone consultation

The process for the telephone consultation is as follows:

1) Our guest contacts us via phone or email to request medical assistance.

2) We prefill a consent form email and forward it to them.

3) Our guest must respond to the email with a formal consent i.e. "I agree".

4) A qualified physician or doctor will call our guest within one hour for English, Spanish or Portuguese, three hours for German and French. If our guest has not received a call back within this timeframe, they should get in touch with us and we will follow up with AXA.

Recommendation for in-person appointments

(Please note that this service is not available for guests in-stay in the USA)

For those who wish to see a doctor in person, the process is as follows:

1) Our guest contacts us via phone or email to request medical assistance.

2) We then search for the medical speciality our guest has requested, matching their needs in terms of desired speciality, language and opening hours.

3) We send a recommendation directly to our guest via email.

4) Our guest then has the choice to make an appointment with the recommended clinic, paying for any necessary expenses.

Medical privacy

We activate these complimentary services on our guest's behalf, with no access to their medical information.

The guest will fill in a consent form that is forwarded directly to AXA, who will then arrange a doctor to call them for a telephone appointment.

The onefinestay team will not ask any personal medical questions - our role is simply to offer the choice of non-emergency medical assistance.

The recommendation service will provide a list of AXA certified local doctors and specialists who the guest will then be able to contact directly.

While these services are activated by a member of the onefinestay team, it remains the guest's responsibility to select the most appropriate service. The guest has the right to decline any of the options and there is no obligation to proceed at any point.

Both services can be used in conjunction.

We continue to recommend that all our guests arrange comprehensive travel insurance to cover any unexpected events.