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Harrison Terrace

Tribeca, North America

guests6-8 bed3bathtub2

from $1,200 /night

approx $400 /bedroom

Charles Street

West Village, North America

guests7-9 bed4bathtub3

from $1,200 /night

approx $300 /bedroom

Charles Street Gardens

West Village, North America

guests7 bed4bathtub2

from $1,150 /night

approx $288 /bedroom

West 84th Street

Upper West Side, North America

guests7-9 bed4bathtub2

from $850 /night

approx $213 /bedroom

West 88th Street

Upper West Side, North America

guests6-7 bed4bathtub2

from $825 /night

approx $206 /bedroom

Chelsea Gardens

Chelsea, North America

guests6 bed3bathtub1

from $825 /night

approx $275 /bedroom

West 20th Street

Chelsea, North America

guests5-6 bed3bathtub2

from $800 /night

approx $267 /bedroom

East 11th Street

East Village, North America

guests4-6 bed2bathtub2

from $650 /night

approx $325 /bedroom

Park Avenue Mansion

Upper East Side, North America

guests10-14 bed5bathtub6

from $1,650 /night

approx $330 /bedroom

Elvaston Mews

South Kensington, Europe

guests7-8 bed4bathtub3

from $1,348 /night

approx $337 /bedroom

Ovington Gardens

Knightsbridge, Europe

guests6 bed3bathtub2

from $1,078 /night

approx $359 /bedroom

Gregory Place

Kensington, Europe

guests6 bed3bathtub2

from $697 /night

approx $232 /bedroom

Kennington Road

Waterloo, Europe

guests4 bed2bathtub3

from $414 /night

approx $207 /bedroom

Windsor Court

Chelsea, Europe

guests2 bed1bathtub1

from $344 /night

approx $344 /bedroom

Ebury Street

Belgravia, Europe

guests7-8 bed3bathtub3

from $1,117 /night

approx $372 /bedroom

Blandford Street II

Marylebone, Europe

guests2 bed1bathtub2

from $462 /night

approx $462 /bedroom

Kynance Mews

Kensington, Europe

guests4 bed2bathtub2

from $436 /night

approx $218 /bedroom

Kensington Gardens Square VI

Notting Hill, Europe

guests2 bed1bathtub1

from $308 /night

approx $308 /bedroom

Quai des Célestins II

Le Marais, Europe

guests2-4 bed1bathtub2

from $555 /night

approx $555 /bedroom

Palace Garden Terrace VI

Kensington, Europe

guests9-10 bed5bathtub4

from $1,198 /night

approx $240 /bedroom

Garway Road II

Bayswater, Europe

guests3 bed2bathtub1

from $375 /night

approx $188 /bedroom

Alwyne Place

Islington, Europe

guests7-10 bed4bathtub3

from $783 /night

approx $196 /bedroom

Winchendon Road

Fulham, Europe

guests8-11 bed5bathtub4

from $681 /night

approx $136 /bedroom

Tompkins Square II

East Village, North America

guests2-3 bed1bathtub1

from $358 /night

approx $358 /bedroom

West Eaton Place

Belgravia, Europe

guests4 bed2bathtub2

from $588 /night

approx $294 /bedroom

Middleton Place

Soho, Europe

guests6 bed3bathtub2

from $918 /night

approx $306 /bedroom

Princess Road III

Primrose Hill, Europe

guests2-3 bed1bathtub1

from $280 /night

approx $280 /bedroom

Old Church Street II

Chelsea, Europe

guests4 bed2bathtub1

from $433 /night

approx $216 /bedroom

Franklin Avenue

West Hollywood, North America

guests6 bed3bathtub3

from $660 /night

approx $220 /bedroom

Rue Servandoni

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Europe

guests4 bed2bathtub2

from $1,048 /night

approx $524 /bedroom

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