A new service for townhouses

Taking care of your New York townhouse is an endeavor. With our new service, you can spend more time doing the things you want and earn additional income from onefinestay guests, while your home is in trusted hands.

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Your home, in trusted hands

We’ve seen first-hand the unique challenges of owning and maintaining a New York townhouse. And with that experience, we design a new service, tailored to owners like you. You’ll have a personal home manager and bespoke maintenance services to help with whatever you and your home need – what’s more, onefinestay guests will generate you industry-leading income while you’re away. It’s reliable, convenient, and flexible – so you have peace of mind, and your home remains your home.

What people are saying

Gates Avenue Townhouse
It’s a very well-managed and well-curated experience. Onefinestay has put thought into what makes your home unique, how to make your place stand out, and what type of guest might be the best match for the home you have.

New York Times
Few things are more coveted in New York City real estate than a single-family townhouse, be it a historic Brooklyn brownstone or a stately limestone on the Upper East Side. But even those who can afford to own one may sometimes wish they could dial up a doorman or a super to handle the hassles...

Tailored to you

And your townhouse. Think of us as your eyes and ears when you’re away, and feet on the ground when yours can’t be. And we’ll know how to take care of your home as well as you do.

Personal home manager

Dedicated, in every sense of the word. Your personal home manager will be locally based so you’ll have one point of contact, for whatever you need – whenever you need it.

Industry-leading income

We market to sophisticated travelers from all over the world – generating industry-leading income from guests who want to pay a premium to stay at New York townhouses like yours.

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Meet the team: Shosana Pierce-Wright

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