The first full service short term rental amenity for your building.

onefinestay is the only high end service that partners directly with the building to provide residents with a safe and legal way to share their home when they’re out of town.

Through partnership, buildings gain complete control to monitor and regulate sharing activity while benefiting from revenue generated by participating residents.

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How it works

onefinestay serves as your building’s short term custodian.


Buildings know who’s coming in and out, and block out unvetted services. We’ll monitor the activity and report on usage.


Professional cleanings, guest meet and greets, key management and 24/7 support. These are just a few of the standard options that come with our partnership.

Safe & Assured

We’re fully compliant with NYS law, adhering to 30 day minimums, and provide the industry's leading insurance coverage.


We’ll do the heavy lifting while the building earns a percentage of revenue generated by residents.

What people are saying

Because it’s not just us who are suggesting you should partner with onefinestay:

onefinestay offers an unparalleled service to other home sharing options. Their focus on our building's safety and security is what made partnering with them an easy decision.
- Stan K.
Resident UWS Condo, onefinestay partner