The world has cottoned on to the new way to stay when you’re travelling, and it’s easy to understand why. A real home trumps all-comers, giving you room to spread out, dining and kitchen space, and a base to explore that lets you live like a local. But so far it’s only the savviest travellers who’ve ventured to stay in less well known neighbourhoods. It’s a surprise to us, because we know they hold some of the best kept secrets around.
Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris

Now what do we have here?

Hidden gems

This is where you’ll discover restaurants and bars, parks and museums, and cafés and pubs that you’d never have come across if you were staying in the centre. Our hosts provide recommendations on their favourite things in the neighbourhood that’ll give you a unique guide to unique places. And even though you’re not in the thick of it, the action’s never far away by train, bus or bicycle.

Dulwich Road II, London

Take a dip at the local lido

Warren Townhouse, New York

Maybe you'll find something to take home

Bedford Lookout, New York

Homes for explorers, by explorers

Inside track

There’s a lot to be said for staying in the heart of town, near famous landmarks, and close to tourist attractions. But that’s not where the locals live. In fact, ask many of our hosts and they’ll talk about the best of both worlds: easy access to the city, but bigger homes, more green space and a gentler pace of living. That’s the sort of place the Explorer Folio is about, and staying in one will put you on the inside track—and off the beaten one.

Highgate Woods, London

Find your way to getting lost

Watch this space

Places are always changing, and people will move to where the grass is greener (quite literally, if that means a garden, instead of a roof terrace). No wonder, then, that these homes are in neighbourhoods on the rise. That means they’re less central, but more open: uncharted, but less visited. And that’s what makes them worthy of exploration.

Kirkwood Drive, Los Angeles

Gardens to bring you out in a green shade

Rue des Dames Townhouse, Paris

Discover what's down this bamboo-lined lane

Ouseley Road, London

With the doors wide open plan your next outing

Ainslie Street, New York

Round pegs that aren't for squares