If you’re travelling with kids, these family friendly homes are your ticket. Our guests tell us – grown-ups and smaller ones alike – how great it is to stay in a space made for families. Places that welcome kids with open arms, and come equipped with things like playrooms, bedrooms and entertainment specially for them. Mum and dad have it easy too, with a kitchen for cooking and space just for themselves.

Story-worthy bedrooms

These kids’ bedrooms are much more than a place for lights-out. They’ve been played in and lived in, and they’ve heard hundreds of goodnight stories. Chances are your kids will be talking about them long after the end of your stay. You’ll also find some homes with nurseries that are well-prepared for recent additions to the family. If you do need an extra crib, we can arrange to drop one over.

Freeman Place, New York

Four soldiers stand guard at their bed posts

St Aubyn's Avenue, London

Play cowboys and Indians – and pirates – around the tepee

Lilyville Road II, London

Let imaginations take flight in Fulham

Rue de Chantilly, Paris

Rockets, ships, cars and dragons share this bunk bedroom

Dartmouth Park Hill II, London

Kids can choose a costume from their very own walk-in wardrobe

Entertainment on tap

We mean that figuratively of course, but you’ll be amazed by some of the entertainment options in these family homes. From garden jungle gyms to giant playrooms, home cinemas to games console heavens, you’ll find a plenitude of things to do in spaces devoted to playtime.

Elgin Crescent III, London

Let off some steam in the garden’s private playground

Practically perfect

Robust kitchens, easy-access for prams or strollers, open-plan living spaces – these are a few of the practical attributes that, in our book, add up to the perfect family home. If you have particular boxes to tick (like a microwave for baby food or child-safe stairs) let us know and we’ll make sure you book the right home. And when you’re staying we’ll be here 24/7 to help with instructions for washing machines, ovens and thingy-majiggies.

Droop Street, London

It’s easy to press pause on play when it’s dinner time

Clerkenwell Road, London

Where did she leave those red wellingtons?

Kensington, London

Head to the park to feed the ducklings – or to distract yours

Child ‘hoods

Lifeless hotel districts be banished! Our hosts’ family homes are in friendly neighbourhoods, and some are a short walk from the best family attractions – playgrounds, parks, museums and shows. But if you don’t have a packed itinerary, all the better. Our hosts have recommended their favourite places for family outings, meals and shopping, so you’ll get to know the neighbourhood like a local.

Upper West Side, New York

What if the American Museum of Natural History was your next-door neighbour?

Notting Hill, London

A little bird told us the mint chocolate chip is a must-try