Housekeeping & guest safety commitment

The finest standards

At onefinestay, we set the standard in high-end home and villa rentals worldwide, offering personal and professional service to guests and homeowners alike. They choose us time and again because we deliver a private and consistently clean, safe and secure home rental experience, with additional support and tailored services that make their stays with us extra special.

Since launching in 2010 we have committed to the highest hospitality standards, from our expertly trained housekeeping team to our exacting home criteria, and now we have set-up new measures so that you can continue feeling safe and reassured when staying in a spacious and stylish onefinestay City Collection home.

Please read on to discover more on our housekeeping and hygiene commitment:

1 - What are your cleaning protocols? 

​Our housekeeping protocols are extensive and every home is ventilated and thoroughly prepared by our team of trained professionals before and after each stay. We clean all accessible rooms and surfaces, including high touch areas like taps, light switches, as well as inside cupboards and appliances. You can also request additional housekeeping throughout your stay. 

We have a minimum of two housekeepers who prepare each home, and this will increase depending on the size and complexity. No matter the size of the home, we are very detailed and thorough in our approach. For example, a two bedroom home requires a minimum of 6 hours housekeeping time to clean to our standards, and a four bedroom home would involve at least 8 hours or more.

We only use disposable cleaning cloths in our homes. The vacuum cleaner belongs to the homeowner, so it is only used in that one home and emptied after each clean.

In homes that have multiple consecutive bookings; descaling, defrosting freezers and deep cleaning typically occurs after every fourth stay. If you prefer, you can request an additional deep clean prior to your stay of all soft furnishings, including curtains and carpets (additional fees will apply depending on the size of the home and items within it). ​

2 - Do you conform to an external cleaning standard? 

​We commit to follow all guidelines from the World Health Organisation and local health authorities. In partnership with our parent company Accor and Bureau Veritas, a world-leading provider in testing, inspection and certification, we are exploring a new label that will externally certify our safety standards and cleaning protocols. We hope to share more information on this effort soon.

We are awaiting scientific guidance on the need to leave homes empty for 72 hours before a stay and if this is needed alongside our existing professional housekeeping and disinfecting.

We sometimes experience gaps in a home’s calendar, so if you have concerns, please let us know and we will do our best to suggest homes where this might be possible.

3 - How experienced is your housekeeping team & what do they wear?

We hire only professional cleaners who receive intensive onefinestay training before being allowed to clean and prepare a onefinestay home. From April 2020, our housekeeping team prepares each home whilst respecting social distancing and wears single use personal protective equipment (PPE) which include gloves and masks that are discarded safely once taken off. We currently use N95 and FFP2 masks in all our City Collection destinations.

Before a guest checks-in, the home has a final review by a senior housekeeping supervisor. Housekeeping performance is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated training is provided to all cleaning staff every 6 months or less depending on needs and changes to cleaning protocol. No team member is ever allowed to enter a home if they are feeling ill or have cold or flu symptoms.​

4 - How do you clean the onefinestay bed sheets & towels?

In every home, we remove the homeowner’s linens and towels and replace them with our own. Our linens & towels are hotel grade and cleaned by professional industrial cleaners at the maximum temperature to eradicate any bacteria. Sheets are washed at 72°c and towels are washed at 90°c. Our launderers and housekeeping team are instructed to wear single use gloves and masks whilst handling all linens.

5 - What is your cleaning process if an unwell guest checks out of a home?

We follow strict health and safety 'Covid19' protocols once we are made aware of an unwell guest.
Our trained housekeeping staff wear the appropriate outfit to properly disinfect the home which includes a deep clean of all surfaces and soft furnishings and they safely dispose of linens and towels. The home’s availability will be blocked for 72 hours.

6 - How does a check-in work?

We welcome every onefinestay guest on arrival and provide a tour of the home. Our Meet & Greeters arrive first and  wash their hands and put on a new set of gloves & a mask to await your arrival. They respect all social distancing rules in place at the time of your visit. All keys are cleaned in the home before being entrusted to guests.

7 - How can I experience a stay maintaining social distancing?

​We are happy to organise a range of additional services for you, from grocery and wine delivery, private transfers and chauffeurs, at-home spa treatments, in-home cinema experiences and much more. Additionally we can provide contact-free linen drop off and collection in replacement of our complimentary weekly housekeeping.

8 - Will I have access to antibacterial products for my personal use during my stay?

We are investigating adding travel sized hand sanitiser and masks to our usual welcome packs, and hope to share an update on this soon. There are also cleaning products in the home, including hand soap, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets, which guests are welcome to use during their stay. Homeowner household cleaning products are also available for guest use.