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Caroline Close Bayswater

Imagine a world where cherry trees blossom indoors, fish dance underfoot and even your back garden is the envy of the MoMA. At once unique and spectacular, Caroline Close is the closest anyone can get to Wonderland without first tumbling down a rabbit hole. Eyes will widen at the Iranian-influenced decor, heads turn at the high ceilings and plethora of pendant lighting, and each palatial bedroom would make a sultan sing. Whether you’re poised at the ping-pong table, tucked away in the TV room or snoozing in Kensington Gardens, you’ll soon realise that this is a home where anything is possible...

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Sleeps 9 - 13
Comfortably sleeps 9 people. At a stretch the home could accommodate a maximum of 13 people with air/sofa beds.
6 bedrooms
6 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
6 bathrooms
 Property type  
 Babies welcome   
 Children welcome   
 Toddlers welcome   
 Property features  
 Hair dryer   
 Tumble dryer   
 Washing machine   
 Personal welcome   
 Local activities  
 Concert hall   
17 rooms, including:
 Sitting room  
 Dish washer   
 Hob (gas)   
 Satellite or cable   
 Hob (induction)   
 TV snug  
 PlayStation 3   
 Satellite or cable   
 Xbox 360   
 Master bedroom  
 Super king size bed   
 Satellite or cable   
 Master ensuite  
 King bedroom  
 King size bed   
 King ensuite  
 Double bedroom  
 Double bed   
 Double ensuite  
 Girl's single bedroom  
 Single bed   
 Girl's single ensuite  
 Single bedroom  
 Single bed   
 Boy's single bedroom  
 Single bed   
 Shower room  

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