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Canyon House Beverly Hills

Sidling up the canyons of Beverly Hills to a classic white house from the 1930s, you wouldn’t expect to find modern sophistication inside. Within the serene living room landscape, a single orchid will appear like a mirage among the earth tones of the contemporary décor. But this outing in nature is like no other. Take a seat upon the comfy slate grey couch and enjoy the serene environment of your canyon getaway.

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Sleeps 4 2 bedrooms
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 bathrooms
 Property features  
 Communal outdoor pool   
 Hair dryer   
 Tumble dryer   
 Washing machine   
 Personal welcome   
 Local activities  
 Guided tours   
 Mountain biking   
8 rooms, including:
 Dish washer   
 Master bathroom  
 Queen bedroom  
 Queen ensuite  

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