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We’re delighted that so many of the fine gentlefolk of the world's press have seen fit to feature us in their august pages. You can read a sample of their banner headlines and encomiums below.

I find myself in a swanky apartment in Boerum Hill, available from onefinestay...The building is classic New York - an old brownstone with a proper stoop...Rather brilliantly, onefinestay provides me with an iPhone rammed with recommendations on everything local I am ever going to need. It's fabulous.

Renting an apartment in Europe used to be a gamble…In the past five years, things have moved up a gear. House swapping has become a significant phenomenon...onefinestay, operating in the world's most stylish cities, charms with its hospital corner starched sheets and housekeeping service.

The people at onefinestay know what they are doing.

Its website sets the industry benchmark with a simple booking process and “home truths” about each property.

Catering to top-shelf budgets, onefinestay offers personal residences…but only ones that qualify as extraordinary—think well-appointed lofts, air penthouses, Architectural Digest centerfolds. To add to the appeal both for renters and owners, the company handles all cleaning duties, supplies high-thread-count bedding, and even stocks the bathroom with shmancy toiletries.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m up among the rooftop water tanks drinking coffee in the late October sunshine. Alfresco, in my pyjamas, my heart sings. I could have chosen a former sugar warehouse in Manhattan with views of the Hudson…but edgy, gritty Brooklyn, just one subway stop across the East River from Manhattan, seemed just the place to make like a New Yorker in my very own pied-à-terre.

Having a key to a front door allowed us to dream we had our very own Paris life, with everything fabulous that it entails.

Its curated selection of high-end apartments all come with an iPhone full of insider tips on where to shop, eat, and drink.

Across travel paradigms…there seems to be fresh appeal in the privacy, independence and characterful experience inherent in sleeping in another person’s (very well-appointed) home. Operating at the forefront of this shift is a pioneering, rapidly expanding company called onefinestay...The company’s USP is providing the authenticity, character, independence and discretion inherent in a private-home stay, enhanced by hands-on management and service not previously present in the category.

The London service, onefinestay, is focusing on popular neighborhoods and niceties such as fresh linens and snacks from trendy restaurants. Along with a nicely appointed also get use of a iPhone loaded with insider info on things to do and places to eat. Service-oriented onefinestay aims to arm home-stay visitors with local knowledge gleaned from the homeowners — and not just where to eat and shop or the route to the nearest cup of good coffee.

We have to admit, even we Angelenos are tempted to take a staycation (or two...) in one of these rad unhotels this season. C'mon, could you blame us?

I've got my own set of front-door keys…I'm also thousands of kilometres from my own apartment. But that's the beauty of a onefinestay holiday. You might be in a foreign city, but you immediately feel at home.

So this visit to New York was completely different to any other. We abandoned Manhattan and plugged into our neighbourhood, buying 25-cent glasses of lemonade from kids on the sidewalk, going to the playground…but more often than not, sitting at the kitchen table, or in the garden, feasting on cold cuts, smoked mozzarella and crispy salad from the deli around the corner…When we had our New York friends around for supper…it really did feel like I’d finally made that move.

This tasteful selection of homes and apartments in New York and London is one to trust. For anyone in the market for an authentic experience… without compromising on hotel-like amenities, this makes for an excellent option.

I'm in the city on holiday but, instead of checking into a hotel, I've essentially 'borrowed' a stylish pad for a few days through onefinestay…Although you're staying in someone else's home, there are all the benefits of a hotel, too — beds are made with top-quality linen and bathrooms come stocked with lovely toiletries and fluffy towels...there's also an iPhone, charged and full of suggestions of the owner's favourite local places to eat, drink and explore.

The concept of the luxury unhotel has come of age and it’s no small thanks to onefinestay. The alternative to staying in impersonal hotel rooms is to book yourself in a lived-in, characterful house…whose owners probably travel a lot but have impeccable taste.

People are doing it all over London, even your smartest friends – especially your smartest friends – and now it’s spread to the Big Apple too. onefinestay is our homegrown version of American house-rental service Airbnb...And really, what could be more fun than taking over your own Greenwich Village brownstone or Tribeca loft and pretending that it’s real life?

Lots of you are extremely excited about onefinestay, the so-called ‘unhotel’ – essentially posh folks’ houses and apartments in New York and London rented out by the night like A-list hotel rooms.

I’ve been to the city many times, always in hotels, and never beyond Manhattan. But true to onefinestay’s ‘live like a local’ mantra, I’ve been tempted over Brooklyn Bridge to take up residence in an apartment owned by a couple of actors.

It would appear that travelers these days are looking at alternatives to traditional hotels. Unorthodox accommodation services are reaping the rewards, offering tourists apartment rentals and services., a UK-based apartment rental or ‘un-hotel’ site, is expanding on the back of its overwhelming success in London.

It’s like living in a catalog. I’ve been fantasizing about all the homes I could stay in through...onefinestay. These are likely some of the coolest digs you’ll ever visit, and they offer a unique travel experience that most hotels can’t replicate.

Whether we’ve cast ourselves as Holly Golightly, Carrie Bradshaw or even Johnny Boy from Mean Streets, most of us have imagined living in New York at some point. The fantasy is easier to indulge without a keycard, however, which is where onefinestay delivers.

The experiential traveler does not arrive at Kennedy Airport and immediately go shopping on upper Madison Avenue. She takes a drawing class; she rides the Lexington Avenue line at rush hour...The interest in this kind of travel is, in part, what led to the opening here a few weeks ago of...onefinestay. Having originated in London in 2010, it is a kind of virtual hotel service that situates guests in well-appointed houses and apartments when their regular occupants are elsewhere.

Creating a situation where guests feel they're enjoying a home-away-from-home is the holy grail of the hotel world... None of them can compete with the 'unhotel', however – the hottest trend to hit the accommodation scene.

If you've ever strolled the streets of London and dreamed about living in a posh house in Notting Hill... or a pied-a-terre in the swanky Mayfair area of the city – now is your chance.

Going up - The high-end house-swap site that lets you hire out your home by the night. We say, a nice little earner.

I'm the first person ever to test onefinestay from both sides. Our London flat is one of the 150 properties on their books, and after each let, it's returned to us immaculate, with no trace of the previous occupants.

What might turn out to be the city's most important hotel innovation has been going on behind the scenes... Staying here has been far more relaxing and interesting than staying in a hotel... It is the location that sets the experience apart...the communities in which Londoners actually live and socialise, rather than the tourist ghettos of the West much more compelling is the chance to step into the shoes of a local?

Fancy going on holiday and earning some money while you're away? Then jump on-board the new homes trend, where canny folk are short-term-renting-out their property for serious cash.

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