Meet the homeowner - Paule Andrée Beauchef Beretta


We spoke to our long-time Rome homeowner, Paule Andrée Beauchef Beretta about her world, her passions, and her experience with onefinestay.

About you and your family

I was born in Buffalo NY USA in 1950. I grew up in Annecy Haute-Savoie France on a gorgeous lake right in the middle of spectacular mountains. I grew up bilingual and traveled a lot as a child, and later moved all around the world. To date, I’ve lived in Germany, Spain, the US, Paris, Brazil and Rome. I’ve lived in Rome now for 30 years.

My husband passed away and I have two daughters, one now lives in Annecy, the other in Quebec City. I have grandchildren too. Having family and friends all around the world means that I travel more than ever – I’m constantly making trips to visit them all. 


What is your profession?

My parents founded a well-known sunglasses company in 1948, and I later worked there myself for 17 years as Chief of Products (based mainly in Rome and Naples). I then helped my husband, who was an osteopath and acupuncturist, and together we developed an antioxidant called Juice Plus, which became popular around the world. Now, I rent out my homes in Rome and Annecy. 


How do you like to spend your time? 

I have so many different pastimes. I love art, history of art, interior decoration, cooking, skiing, swimming, sailing, walking – and travelling, of course! I also enjoy taking care of my grandchildren and my husband’s grandchildren. 


What do you love most about your home?

Definitely my collection of little things I’ve brought back from my travels, and also all the gorgeous artworks created by my artist friends. I love the atmosphere of my home - it’s especially amazing when the windows to the terrace are wide open in summer.


Where did you last travel to

Most recently, I’ve been to Bolzano, Trevi in Umbria, Meribel in the French Alps, Bergamo, Railey in Thailand, Quebec City and Montreal. 


What destinations top your travel bucket list?

At the moment it’s Saint-Malo, Paris, Quebec City, Montreal, Sardinia and Sicily. I’m also planning to travel to Iran and Vietnam.


What’s your favourite restaurant in your neighbourhood?

Enzo Via dei Vascellari, although it’s popular now, and can be crowded. I also like Ditta Trinchetti on Via della Lungaretta in the evenings. 


And your favorite little-known local spot?

Definitely Santa Cecilia’s crypt – it’s so beautiful there. I love the paintings upstairs too.


What's the last good book you read and would recommend

I like to read biographies, especially when I’m travelling. Most recently I’ve read and enjoyed Marc Daugain’s biographies of both Robert and John Kennedy and Becoming by Michelle Obama. 


Do you listen to any podcasts you could recommend to our community of homeowners?

My favorite podcast at the moment is Trash Talking with Eco Warriors. 

Why did you choose to partner with onefinestay

I’ve always rented out my homes, so I know how to recognise who is good to work with. onefinestay are serious, responsible and attentive to the smallest of details. They handle everything for me, take great care of my home and treat my guests very well too. I think they do a terrific job! 


How did you find out about onefinestay?

Entirely by chance – one of my daughters just happened to know someone who worked for onefinestay in Rome. 


How does renting out your home benefit you?

My homes are my most important investments – renting them out with onefinestay is a simple way to ensure that I get a good return on them. It helps me pay numerous expenses.


What do you like most about onefinestay?

The way they handle absolutely everything for me, from A to Z. 

Do you have any tips on getting the most out of onefinestay?

I tend to leave the onefinestay team to it, and I like that I’m able to do that. I’m just happy that they can rent out my home for me when it’s free.


If someone were thinking about renting out their home for the first time, what would you tell them?

I’d tell them to make sure that everything is working perfectly, and that their home is stylish and well appointed. That would mean that onefinestay would be more likely to take on their home, as they have strict criteria for selection.