Detox Kitchen's holiday recovery

For most of us, the holidays consist of a few too many of our favorite treats, and that’s no bad thing! However, whether home or away for the holiday season, our festive over-indulgence often leaves us feeling lethargic and less than ready to face the year ahead. With this in mind we caught up with Detox Kitchen founder, Lily Simpson. She kindly offered up her top tips for starting the year in the best way possible, as well as her favorite holiday destination for when you’re ready to do it all over again.

What’s the best way to reset your diet after a holiday?

Lily: It depends on the type of holiday you’ve had! If it’s been super indulgent and you’ve eaten lots of sweet treats and drunk a lot of alcohol, you’ll need to get rid of your sugar cravings. Although it’s tricky, try and avoid sugar completely for a few days and steer clear of all processed, over-salted foods. After about three days you should start experiencing some good side effects such as a nice boost in your energy levels. Eating an abundance of fresh fruit and veg, loads of wholesome foods that you cook from scratch, and drinking lots of water will fuel your body with everything it’s been missing during your break. 


Many people travel for the holidays, what would you advise to those embarking on a long haul flight?

Lily: The key is hydration, so make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of liquid the day before - obviously water and herbal teas are great - and then just before the flight do more of the same. I think my biggest tip for a long haul flight would be to prepare your own food. You could take things like crudités and your own dips, because the food on planes tends to be really high in salt. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying airplane food if you wish, but taking your own snacks will help fight the sluggishness you often experience.


When you’re ready to start planning your next trip, what is your favorite country to visit for a foodie getaway?

Lily: It has to be France! We go to France probably twice a year, which seems strange given that we are the Detox Kitchen and french food isn’t typically detox-friendly in some respects - but the freshness and the quality of their ingredients is just amazing. One of my favorite things to eat is an artichoke dipped in a really classic mustard mayonnaise. It’s just amazing! I actually think I get a lot of inspiration for my dishes from french food.


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