Fig, ricotta and honey toasts

Australian-born and Parisian by heart, Lauren Loubate is a digital storyteller who has been calling Paris home for six years. On her blog Folies do Bonheur, she documents her life in the City of Lights, sharing moments of happiness – from exploring the French capital with her pooch Daisy to travelling the world in great style. Food is also one of her passions, especially any seasonal produce. Indeed, she especially looks forward to fig season every year, and this fig, ricotta and honey toasts recipe is one of her favourites.


Toasted loaf bread (Lauren suggests baguette bread)
Several fresh figs – two per toast, depending on the size of the fruit
A pot of fresh ricotta


Chop the figs into quarters. Spread a generous amount of ricotta on the toasts and place the fig quarters on the toasts. Drizzle with honey.
Variation: for a less sweet version, try drizzling a reduction of balsamic vinegar instead of the honey.