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Costa Rica: Event calendar for a splendid getaway


13 June, 2023


29 August, 2023

Costa Rica

Puntarenas Carnival: Join the lively Puntarenas Carnival, a dazzling celebration that transforms the coastal city into a vibrant carnival paradise. Dance to Latin rhythms, witness dazzling parades, and embrace the infectious energy of street parties, all while immersing yourself in the joyous ambience and cultural vibrancy of Costa Rica.

Where: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

When: Mid-February

National Boyero Day: Celebrate this cherished Costa Rican tradition honouring the country's agricultural roots. Admire beautifully decorated ox-drawn carts, experience the rural atmosphere, and enjoy traditional music as skilled ox-cart drivers display their talents. This special day event showcases the enduring connection Costa Rica has to its countryside heritage.

Where: San Antonio de Escazú, Costa Rica

When: Every second Sunday in March

Virgin of the Sea: Experience the spiritual and maritime celebration of the Virgin of the Sea, a day where Costa Rica's coastal communities come together to honour the ocean. Witness religious processions, admire exquisitely decorated boats, and enjoy traditional sea-themed performances. This festival blends faith and coastal traditions, expressing gratitude and seeking blessings for a prosperous fishing season.

Where: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

When: Saturday closest to the 16th of July

Limón Carnival: Welcome to one of the biggest street festivals in the country, Limón Carnival includes the Dia de las Culturas, a day dedicated to honouring the rich variety of ethnicities living in Costa Rica. The carnival spans a full week and provides an array of activities and spectacles for visitors of all ages, with its vibrant colours, delicious local foods, and musical entertainment.

Where: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

When: Annually in mid-October

Festival de la Luz: Enter a world of enchantment at the Festival de la Luz, a mesmerising event that illuminates Costa Rica's capital with stunning light displays and captivating- performances. Marvel at the dazzling floats, enjoy vibrant parades and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere that showcases the beauty and joy of Costa Rica's holiday season

Where: Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

When: Annually every second Saturday of December

Villas in Costa Rica with breathtaking pools:

Casa Alang Alang

Designed by the late Californian architect Steve Adams, Casa Alang Alang offers you mesmerising views of the Pacific Ocean and sandy Playa Grande. So just relax and enjoy the tropical sunrise while sipping a delicious Costa Rican coffee.

Where: Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Cielomar flaunts an extravagant ‘bow and arrow’ design - the semi-circular house mimicking a bow, and its entry bridge forming the arrow - that provides perfect privacy and ensures stunning sea views wherever you turn.

Where: Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Casa Amigos

Casa Amigos it’s a charming and characterful villa where connectivity and wellness are priorities. Surrounded by spectacular jungle and with a soothing balance of contemporary design features that embrace the environmental beauty of the location, it’s a shining example of what can be achieved with care and imagination.

Where: Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica

The onefinestay experience

Here at onefinestay, we specialise in bespoke vacations. Whether you’re after relaxation, adventure or simply looking to discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Costa Rica, we’ve prepared a selection of exclusive concierge services to ensure that your break is as memorable as it should be. From private chef hire to in-villa spa experiences, you’ll be given these options when you book your stay with one of our Travel Advisors. Everything is taken care of before your arrival, so you can simply turn up and unwind!

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