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Tuscany with children – an adventure for all the family


1 January, 2024


6 May, 2024

A land of golden sunshine, rolling hills and picturesque medieval villages clinging to steep hillsides, there's no place more beautiful than Tuscany. Its charming, gentle landscape is filled with acres of vineyards, UNESCO World Heritage cities, and sandy beaches. All of this variety makes Tuscany an ideal destination for families. If you're planning to go to Tuscany with the kids, there is so much to see and do that one visit will never be enough.

In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the region's enchanting towns and cities, as well as its incredible countryside. We'll look at some of the best things to do in Tuscany with kids, including introducing them to the cuisine of the region. We'll also give you some handy tips and hints on how to choose the right kind of accommodation for your family vacation to Tuscany.

Ready to set off on a family adventure to Tuscany? Let's get started by looking at the best child-friendly towns and cities of this incredible region.

Exploring Tuscany's enchanting towns

Wherever you go in Tuscany you'll see tiny towns and villages with medieval walls and cobbled streets still intact after centuries of occupation. With endless destinations to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. If you're looking to dive into the rich culture of Tuscany, then Florence and Siena should be your first ports of call.

Florence: A cultural delight for all ages

The birthplace of the Renaissance, the cultural heart of Tuscany, Florence is like a giant open-air museum. Every street, every piazza and every building is beautiful, with so much history and art on display to satisfy the most curious mind. Any Tuscany family vacation has to include a trip to Florence, but what is on offer for the younger adventurer?

Child-friendly museums and attractions

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the artistic marvels on display in Tuscany, after all, this is the home of Leonardo da Vinci.

However, many of the museums in Florence offer a wide selection of activities for younger visitors, including special tours and workshops. If your children love art, the Palazzo Vecchio Museum runs its popular 'In the atelier: the fresco painting' workshop. Here, budding Leonardo's can learn how to paint their very own fresco.

For a more modern exploration of art, the Novecento Museum runs an activity called 'Time Machine' that introduces children aged eight to 12 years to the wonders of contemporary art. Or if your children are more passionate about science, a trip to the Museo Galileo has some of the most remarkable historic scientific pieces in the world and also runs tours for young explorers.

Exploring Florence on foot with the family

Florence isn't a huge city, so it's easy to explore all the major attractions on foot. However, if you want to have a little bit of fun as you see the sites, why not go on an e-scooter-guided tour? It's something that older children (14 years and over) will love, and you'll get to see all the good bits and some hidden gems that you might have missed.

Tours combine both walking and e-scooter sections, so you can all have a great time and not worry about anyone's legs getting too tired. It's a great thing to add to your list of things to do in Tuscany with the kids.

Siena: A Medieval gem with family appeal

Perched on top of a hill is this magical, fairy-tale medieval town, complete with walls encircling the old town and tumbling cobbled streets to explore. Bursting with cafés and restaurants, pretty piazzas, and fluttering flags, it's a colourful and lively town. If you're spending a week in Tuscany with the kids and want a busy, vibrant place to explore together, Siena is the perfect choice.

Family-friendly historical sites

There's plenty of history on display in Siena, starting with the Piazza del Campo, Siena's most spectacular medieval square.

Home to the city's main museum and the iconic tower, it's a great place to start a day's exploration. On the slopes of the city is Orto de' Pecci, a beautiful terraced park with playgrounds for younger children and plenty of space for a family picnic. Back in the city centre is the Piazza del Duomo, home to one of the most beautiful churches in Italy and one of the city's larger piazzas with plenty of places to stop, have a gelato, and watch the world go by.

Local delicacies that the little ones will love

Every place has its culinary specialities, and Siena has something sweet-toothed children will adore – ricciarelli.

These cookies covered with powdered sugar are an indulgent treat that'll give everyone a boost of energy mid-morning. Another delicious option is a bacio di Siena or 'Sienese Kiss', a ball of cream and candied almonds dipped in smooth chocolate. If you prefer something savoury, there are plenty of pizzerias where you can grab a slice of authentic pizza.

Outdoor adventures for families

The rolling countryside and wide-open spaces of Tuscany are breathtakingly beautiful. Quiet lanes are perfect for a cycling adventure, and trails encourage you to get out into the great outdoors and immerse yourself in the natural wonder of this region of Italy.

Tuscany's family-friendly hiking trails: Kid-safe hiking spots

Tuscany is crisscrossed with some of the most scenic hiking trails in the country. While many of them can be challenging, there are plenty that are a little more family-friendly and easier for younger hikers to manage.

Diborrato Waterfall, Colle Val d'Elsa via Sentierelsa

This trail is a little over 3km and leads you along the Elsa River until it reaches a gorgeous waterfall. The ground is level and easy to walk, and don't forget a swimming costume for a wild swim at the end.

The Balze dell'Acqua Zolfina Trail

If you want to see the quintessential rolling Tuscan countryside, this delightful trail is the one to choose. It's just over 5½ km long and in an area that's popular for cycling and horseback riding, too. It's ideal if you're looking for somewhere to go hiking with kids in Tuscany.

Maestà Cave, near Carrara

A 3.7km loop takes you around the base of La Pizza and on to Via dei Martiri della Libertà. With stunning views and an easy walk, it's a perfect hiking trail for adventurers of all ages.

Cycling through Tuscany's scenic routes: Best family bike tours

Break out the bicycles and explore Tuscany's gorgeous scenery at a leisurely pace. Cycling in Tuscany is incredibly popular, and once you see the beauty of the surroundings for yourself, it's easy to see why.

There are plenty of scenic routes that are ideal for younger explorers, offering easy, level surfaces and plenty of opportunities to stop and have a break. If you're visiting towns like Cortona, there is also the opportunity to hire an e-bike and head off into the Tuscan hills and through wine country. Because e-bikes are easier to peddle, you can explore a little further afield. If your luxury family vacations in Tuscany include a stay at a onefinestay villa, your dedicated concierge will be happy to help with arranging bike and e-bike hire.

Indulging in Tuscan flavours with the whole family

The food in Tuscany is, quite simply, divine. Fresh flavours, sun-warmed produce and plenty of dishes that will already be familiar to younger gastronomes mean that indulging in Tuscan cuisine with the kids is a real pleasure. Your onefinestay villa in Tuscany will have a fully fitted kitchen where you can create your own delicious dishes, or why not try a cooking course to really get to grips with the nuances of Tuscan cooking?

Family-friendly restaurants in Tuscany

Eating in Italy is a very social affair, with the whole family gathered around the table.

That means you'll find restaurants in Tuscany are generally very family-friendly, with smaller portions for younger diners, and children's menus on offer. Because Italian food is so popular around the world, your children may already be familiar with (and love) pasta dishes and pizzas.

Visiting restaurants in Tuscany gives children the chance to try authentic food that will enhance their palettes yet still be familiar to them. Your dedicated concierge can organise restaurant reservations and give you advice on the best local restaurants for those special family meals.

Cooking classes for the little ones

Cooking classes with the kids in Tuscany is a perfect opportunity to introduce your future chefs to a world of culinary possibilities. There are lots of classes available across Tuscany, where you and your children can learn how to create authentic Italian cuisine. Your dedicated onefinestay concierge may also be able to arrange cooking classes at your villa, so you can spend the day having fun and then sit down to a feast of flavours at the end of your class. It's a great way to make the children feel really involved in the holiday, as well as teach them valuable life skills.

Child-centric day trips

There is no end to the amazing places you could visit on your Tuscany family vacation, including some of the most important historical locations in the world. From iconic leaning towers and Roman amphitheatres to beach destinations and fun-filled theme parks, there are lots of child-centric day trips to add to your itinerary.

Pisa: Beyond the Leaning Tower

It's the place all children want to visit when they're in Tuscany – that iconic and precarious-looking leaning tower. But there's much more to Pisa than just its tower. Of course, a visit to the tower is a must, but be sure to leave time to explore the rest of the city too, especially its museums.

Delight at Livorno's coastal charms

The coast is just a short drive away, and Livorno is a beautiful base from which to explore it.

From its iconic chequerboard-patterned promenade to its towering fortifications, this historic seaport brings in visitors all year round. Adults will love the 'mini Venice' in the centre complete with romantic canals and charming bridges, while children will be captivated by the towering fortifications of the New Fortress.

Tuscany's family-friendly events and festivals

Tuscans certainly know how to have a good time, so you'll find there are festivals and events all year round. From the famous Palio horse races around the squares of Siena to the dazzling spectacle of the Cavalcata dei Magi in Florence, every Medieval town and village has its own special festivals.

A really magical event is the Paper Lanterns Festival in Florence in September, where the entire city is filled with coloured lanterns. The bit the children will especially love is when they are given the chance to shoot at them with peashooters. Planning a trip to Tuscany with kids? Our expert Travel Advisors can help you schedule your trip around the region's best events and festivals.

Choosing the right accommodation

When you're planning your family vacation in Tuscany, it's important to get your accommodation right. From sophisticated apartments in the centre of Florence to traditional Tuscan farmhouses and villas in the heart of the countryside, onefinestay has every kind of option for your family trip.

Sit back and let your dedicated concierge take care of all the little details, planning the itinerary of your Tuscany family holiday for you. With a wealth of services and amenities on offer, including professional childcare and personally tailored trips and excursions, they will ensure every member of the family is kept happy and entertained.

Family vacations in Tuscany – a magical adventure

Are you ready to embark on your Tuscan adventure? This enchanting region of Italy has everything you could possibly want, and so much more. From amazing food and bright, sunny skies to fabulous festivals and rolling countryside, a family vacation in Tuscany gives you the chance to spend some quality time together, and fall in love with a region that has inspired poets, artists and writers for centuries. Take a look at the villas in Tuscany at onefinestay and begin your Tuscan odyssey today.


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