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Where to stay for the Paris 2024 Olympics: Guide for the perfect stay in Paris and beyond


9 August, 2023


6 March, 2024

From the 26th July to 11th August, all eyes will be on Paris, the home of the 33rd Summer Olympic Games. To celebrate this, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide telling you where to stay for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, taking you through each area of the city and introducing you to some of our unmatched rentals in Paris and beyond.

The 2024 Olympics is going to be bigger and better than ever. It is going to be very important to book your accommodation for the Paris Olympics 2024 well in advance as demand is going to be very high, especially close to the main arenas such as the Stade Roland Garros where the tennis tournament will be pulling in the crowds, and the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. This guide will take you through the different areas of the city and answer that all-important question, ‘How can I book accommodation for the Paris Olympics’ with onefinestay.

Paris 2024 – a very special event

Paris has the honour of being the second city to have held the summer event three times, and this time around, they've embraced it with the usual Parisian passion and flair. It’s also a highly inclusive event, with the emblem for Paris 2024 being the same for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With 306 events across 32 different sports, it's time for you to discover that dressage is fascinating to watch, the 10m diving event is vertigo-inducing but incredible, and that every athlete has an amazing backstory of dedication, determination and sheer hard work. It's inspiring, it's exciting, and it brings the world together like no other event on the planet. Discover our Paris 2024 Olympics travel guide to prepare your trip.

Choosing the right accommodation is important to get the most out of your Olympic experience. The right accommodation will give you easier access to the events you want to see and allow you to explore one of the most incredible cities in the world. Art, culture, finest foodie spotsfine dining and high-end retail await in the exclusive Arrondissements of the City of Lights.

Top areas to stay during the Paris 2024 Olympics

Champs-Élysées: Exceptional, glamour, and prestige

It's the world's most exclusive shopping street, where famous superb brands have their flagship stores. The Champs-Élysées epitomises opulence, glamour and prestige, where Lamborghinis line the boulevard, and Cartier watches adorn the wrists of the rich and famous.

However, there's much more to this prestigious boulevard, and if you explore some of the smaller side streets leading off from the main thoroughfare, you'll find independent boutiques and art galleries galore. High-end accommodation in and around the Champs-Élysées puts you right in the heart of the city. And if you’re here for the Summer Games, impeccable apartments for the Paris Olympics don’t get much better than the gorgeous Rue Lauriston. Nestled in the 16th Arrondissement, it’s a family-friendly apartment that typifies the Parisian lifestyle right down to the Juliet balconies and the sophisticated interior.

Le Marais: Timeless beauty and trendy enclaves

Le Marais sits on the edge of the River Seine's right bank and is filled with classical architecture, quaint cobbled walkways, and a vibrant, bohemian atmosphere.

It stretches across the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements and is the perfect place to stay in Paris if you want to explore the city's history.

Your perfect base is the captivating Rue Charlot, the ideal retreat for a romantic vacation for two or as an ideal choice for your Paris Olympics accommodation for the duration of the games. With fine dining on your doorstep and the chance to stroll along the Seine at sunset, it’s the quintessential Parisian apartment with plenty of character and charm.

The Latin Quarter: Historic charm and modern buzz

Vibrant, bold and full of music and energy, the Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine has attracted artists, poets and writers for decades. It's where you'll find Paris' greatest universities and centres of learning, as well as grand parks and charming boulevards.

The incredible Notre Dame Cathedral is also located here and currently rises like a phoenix from the ashes of a devastating fire. Curated apartments for the Paris Olympics are spread across the city, and in the Latin Quarter, you’ll find sophisticated examples such as the gorgeous Boulevard Saint-Germain, a three-bedroom, family-friendly apartment with superb transport links just a short distance away.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Elegance and culture by the Seine

Just a short distance from the north bank of the Seine is this stunning area filled with typical Parisian apartment buildings, exclusive boutiques, parks and churches. Saint-Germain-des-Prés is the real Paris – busy, lively, and with the scent of freshly baked baguettes and coffee filling the air.

You’re also close to some of the most exclusive retail in Paris, with Le Bon Marché and outlets for YSL and Armani a leisurely stroll away. One of our most elegant Parisian apartments is the highly desirable Rue du Dragon, a sublime apartment that pops with colour and avant-garde artwork.

Montmartre: Bohemian spirit with breathtaking views

With a fabulous view of the city, Montmartre in the 18th Arrondissement is famous for the magnificent Basilica of Sacré-Coeur and the surrounding parks.

It's a leafy, tranquil area of the city with a bohemian spirit and breathtaking views. Art, music and poetry define Montmartre, making it a sublime destination if you're looking for exceptional rentals for the 2024 Olympics. It's well-connected with plenty of public transport to link you to the rest of the city and the various Olympic venues. The delightful Rue de Lévis is one of our premium apartment rentals close to this beautiful part of the city, offering up to five people a contemporary experience in stunning surroundings.

Saint-Denis: Olympic energy and cultural fusion

A little further out of the centre of the city is the tranquil Saint-Denis district. A location that revels in a fusion of different cultures, it’s diverse, dynamic, and lively.

It’s also one of the popular destinations for visitors flocking to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, thanks to the Stade de France, – the primary destination for the Olympics. The sixth-largest stadium in Europe, it's where the opening and closing ceremonies are to be held, as well as the high-profile athletics events. If you want to know where to stay for the Paris 2024 Olympics and want to be close to the main action, look for accommodation in the north of the city, such as the charming Rue Fourcroy in Parc Monceau, which, thanks to its excellent location and proximity to the Paris Metro, is an ideal base for families of up to six guests.

Top areas to stay outside of Paris

Enjoy the Olympic games in Marseille

Not every event is focused on Paris, and other parts of the country are holding their own events linked to the Olympics. In Marseille, the world’s sailors will be competing off the coast in a variety of sailing events, while some of the football matches will be held here, too.

It’s easy to get to, with plenty of local airports for private jets or helicopter flights, as well as commercial flights from both French domestic and international destinations. If you want to know where to stay outside of Paris for the Olympics, we have a wide choice of thoughtful accommodation in many locations, including the French Riviera. Sumptuous villas such as the stunning Villa Cana in the Cassis area are right on the waterfront, so you may even be lucky enough to see the sailing ships from your terrace. You can find out more about the sailing events by contacting the Marseille Marina, and get details of tickets for the sailing and football events from the Paris 2024 website.

Nice, an elegant city on the Côte d'Azur

Nice sits on the French Riviera, basking in the Mediterranean sunshine and surrounded by rolling countryside. With Cannes and Monaco just a drive up the coast, it’s a glamorous destination filled with superb villas such as the enchanting Villa Cynthia.

Not only does a stay in Nice introduce you to the finer things in life, but it’s also a great destination for anyone wondering where to stay in France for the Olympics.

Bordeaux: football and handball

Known for its exquisite wines and utterly enchanting chateaus, Bordeaux is also the destination for anyone who wants to watch football or handball during the Paris Olympics in 2024. Accommodation is plentiful and of an exceptionally high standard.

Look for locations close to Bordeaux Stadium, where the majority of the events in this region are taking place.

Tips for a perfect Olympic experience

· Book your accommodation well in advance. Demand for accommodation for the Paris Olympics 2024 will be exceptionally high, especially for the opening and closing ceremonies and the high-profile athletics events.

· On those days when you want to take a break from the sporting action, explore the lesser-known areas of the capital for a more authentic Parisian experience.

· Immerse yourself in the local culture, cuisine and festivities during the Olympics. Trips to galleries and exhibitions will let you experience all the splendour and opulence of French culture, while countless Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the city will give you a refined introduction to French cuisine.


How far in advance should I book my stay for the Olympics?

It’s best to get your booking in as early as possible. The most popular locations are taking bookings almost a year in advance, so if you have a specific event you want to see, make sure you get your Paris Olympics accommodation booked early to avoid disappointment.

Can I find accommodations suitable for families during the Olympics?

Absolutely. At onefinestay, we have some beautiful unmatched rentals for the 2024 Olympics in Paris and beyond that are designed for families. Browse our Paris destination page for more information.

Can I call onefinestay to help me find a vacation rental for the Olympics?

Yes. Our team are here to make your experience memorable and help ensure that every little detail is taken care of. Book sumptuous apartments for the Paris Olympics with us, and your dedicated concierge will take care of everything for you.

What are the transportation options to Olympic venues from different areas in Paris?

Paris has an excellent transportation system, with the Metro and an extensive network of overground trains serving the city and beyond. The city has several airports, and the French rail system covers the whole country with high-speed trains that can get you to your destination quickly. Within Paris, your dedicated concierge can also arrange everything from an Uber to a chauffeur-driven limo to take you to the stadiums from your Paris Olympics accommodation.

Plan your Parisian Olympic getaway with onefinestay

With endless family-friendly homes and apartments in France waiting for you, onefinestay is your gateway to one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Browse our destination guides to find out more. Speak to our Travel Advisors who will match you with the dream home for your trip.