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Handmade hospitality

We’re onefinestay, pioneers of handmade hospitality.

On our travels so far we’ve learned that the finest homes are made with love and labour, crafted and cared for by their owners. We seek out those homes, so you can experience them. And we’re painstaking: we visit hundreds each week looking for space, character and comfort.

But handmade hospitality isn’t just about the finest homes. We know what counts – a friendly face to meet you, beds made with pristine sheets, the towels and toiletries taken care of to our exacting standards. We know that your leisure time is a canvas and that you want space and freedom to create your own experiences. So we’re available 24/7 if you need us, but we step back when you don’t.

Most importantly, we know what it takes to make a home yours, forever, or just for a little while. It’s a labour of love, and we want to bring our handmade hospitality to the world’s greatest cities.

How it all began

When you set out to make something new, there’s usually an epiphany involved.

Greg’s came to him one evening in 2009. He was walking through Mayfair to Soho a few days after a holiday in Italy. It was on a residential street, one of his favourite in London, when he had the realisation. All the lights were off. There was no one home.

For one reason or another, the homeowners weren’t there all the time. Greg thought of his own place, sitting empty while he was discovering the cobbled streets of Pisa. He looked at those coveted Mayfair homes and knew people would love to experience them on their trip to London.

That’s when he imagined onefinestay. An antidote for hotel rooms and soulless travel. Your own front door key, your own lifestyle, and a team behind the scenes. Today we’re in London, New York, Paris and Los Angeles.

More questions?

Try the FAQ. Or explore some of our homes—or, better still, tell us about your own.

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