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onefinestay gives you the chance to stay in someone's place while they're out of town. You get to live their life for a few days and nights.

Booking a stay is as easy as booking a hotel room. And our reservations team can help you find a home and neighbourhood to match your lifestyle. Give us a call on +44 800 612 4377 or +1 917-383-2182 or email

Nobody wants to be a tourist, so our homes come with recommendations from the people who live in them. For other things you might need (an extra maid service, troubleshooting the TV, questions about the neighbourhood) we're available by phone or text 24/7.

How it all began: A three-word incantation

It all started with three words that rescued Greg from misery.

A chance tip-off from an-acquaintance-of-a-friend who’d grown up there. A sliver – but enough that when they ended up in Pisa for the night thanks to Ryanair's scheduling, they had a lead.

Crotchety from the flight and tired from hauling their overnight bags over cobbles, he was nearly seduced by the convenience and neon allure of the tat-store trattorias. But a three-word incantation kept him faithful: Piazza delle Vettovaglie, Piazza delle Vettovaglie.

Until, the final corner: and there, arrayed before him like a pearl necklace, the city’s true nightlife. There, in a corner of the medieval cloister was an osteria without photos on the menu, just a patron whose hands were white with durum.

Later, as he headed back to their overpriced, anodyne hotel, regretting he’d not known the Italian for ‘just a half litre’, Greg would wonder: if three words could unlock Pisa’s patina turistica, then couldn’t everyone live like a local?

Enter the ‘unhotel’

onefinestay gives you the chance to stay in an unhotel – someone’s place while they’re out of town. You get to live their life for a few days and nights. See what they’d see and, if you like, do what they’d do.

You get all the important creature comforts of a hotel – fresh linens, towels, toiletries. And the best bits of a real home. Space to spread out and cook a meal, independence and privacy, a lived-in space to live in.

We’ve sought out some of the most elegant, quirky and surprising houses and apartments to curate a collection of wonderful places to stay. Every single one is different. But they all offer delicious levels of comfort and character.

And if you become a onefinestay member, not only will you get to join possibly the world’s most exclusive and alluring club, but you’ll be in line for some serious discounts when shuttling across the pond.

Behind the scenes

Booking a stay is as easy as booking a hotel room, and you can do it online or over the phone with our reservations team.

Every home is properly cleaned before and after you stay, beds made with fresh white linens, and bathrooms kitted out with boutique toiletries. There’s a complimentary maid service if you're staying for seven nights. Apart from that, we step back so you can enjoy your holiday.

Once we’ve helped you settle in, we’re just a call away, 24/7. If it’s something we can’t solve over the phone, we’ll pop over to lend a hand.

And because nobody wants to be a tourist, our homes come with personal and unique recommendations from the people who live in them – places to eat, things to do and adventures to go on.

And in the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for new homes. Find out more.

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Try the FAQ. Or explore some of our homes—or, better still, tell us about your own.

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