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We’re hiring!

Want the best job on earth? Tough. Santa ain’t going anywhere. Want the second best? Good. Because the unhotel needs you. Be you an efficient engineer, a considerate customer services type or a slick salesperson, there is space in our capacious and glamorous tepee for you all. Come. Join us.

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onefinestay is the world’s first unhotel. And we need the freshest, the finest, the flyest talents out there, to help us make it, evangelize about it and get guests through our doors. If you’re ready to ride a rocket, we’re looking for astronauts.

‘The unhotel’, we hear the world cry, ‘what’s all that then?’ We reply, with a twinkle in our eye, that we give people the chance to live like a local by staying in wonderfully unique homes while their owners are out of town. And our members get to earn an extra income from their homes by working with a trusted and reliable partner.

We’re a growth stage business, with all the adventures that brings. And there’s nothing fly-by-night here. We’re making real money and serving real guests. We started in London, our home town, in 2012 we expanded to New York, and to Paris and Los Angeles in 2013. But we’re not going to stop until there’s an unhotel in every city—without ever compromising on the quality our guests demand, or our fastidious attention to detail.

Is this you? It looks like you.

The holiday of a lifetime

If you want to change the world, you’ve come to the right place. We’re creating something new in the hospitality industry by giving each and every guest that stays with us the most incredible experience, and some fabulous memories to take home with them.

A job that isn’t

If you’re interested in the usual corporate guff, MegaCorp Inc is offering buckets of cash and DIY lobotomies. We, on the other hand, are giving you the chance to do perhaps the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You’ll have a lot of freedom and responsibility from your first minute, so you’ll learn loads. And for the right kind of person, it’ll be worth every minute.

Digital SEALs needed

To do something as complex and tricky as what we’re doing, we need some black level operatives. Tremendous techies and extravagantly excellent engineers, we need you to build, develop, fix, iterate and generally wow your right-brained colleagues.

The glory. The perks.

Almost too much responsibility Because there’s almost too much to do.
A somewhat funky open plan office Because cubicles constrain competence.
More than just a job There’s the beers. The parties. The dodgeball injuries.
No uniforms or suits Because we don’t do ‘bellhop’, darling.
Victuals. Endless victuals Free tea, coffee, Diet Coke, cake. Or biscuits, if you’re that way inclined.
Everything you need to do the job You can bring your own pencils if you like.
International horizons We’re a global business and you may get to travel to other offices

One fine unbrick at a time

As we’re doing something no one has ever done before, there’s a gallimaufry of things we need help with. Whether it’s to look after our guests and our members, sell the unhotel to all and sundry, or make our backroom operations as smooth as a billiards table, we’re always inventing new systems, designing new processes and generally making technology bend to our will. It’s more a torrent than a trickle, and as torrents go, it’s broader than the Amazon.

And all this Usain Bolt-paced innovation means we’re always on the look-out for people whose middle name is ‘Challenge’.

That special someone

We’re looking for a special type of someone.

Someone hospitable, considerate, willing and able to go the extra mile or eight to keep our guests happy. Someone who can help keep the onefinestay operation whirring away merrily. And then help us expand it.

Someone endlessly curious about the world, who can spy the big picture and the tiny details. Who has the gumption to get stuff done without asking for permission and enjoys getting their hands dirty.

Someone who’s ready to hit the ground running and start making an impact from day one. And has the ability to survive on a combination of adrenaline and caffeine, when circumstances demand.

If you’re that special someone, there’s a huge challenge here with your name written all over it.

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