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Becoming a digital nomad in Mexico: Five of the best destinations for a remote lifestyle


16 March, 2023


9 June, 2023

It’s never been easier to dive into the world of remote working, and where better to get yourself motivated for the day ahead than beside a dazzling white sand beach or on a private balcony overlooking the ocean? Mexico has become a hotspot for digital nomads looking to trade in the city bustle for something a little more inspiring.

From the buzzing resort towns of Tulum and Puerto Vallarta to the idyllic and private Punta Mita peninsula, here’s our travel guide to five of the top destinations for working remotely from Mexico. Just remember that if you choose to work in the country for more than six months, you’ll need to apply for a Mexico digital nomad visa - also known as the Temporary Resident Visa.

Playa del Carmen

With its sugary white sand beaches and average temperatures reaching a balmy 32°C in the summer season, it’s little wonder that Playa Del Carmen is one of the most desirable destinations along the Riviera Maya. This once-humble fishing village has been transformed into a lively resort, with upmarket bistros, bustling beach bars, and independent boutiques lining the gorgeous oceanfront.

While endless options await when it comes to letting your hair down and enjoying the very best of Mexican hospitality, this town is also a great place for remote workers seeking a healthy work-life balance. You’ll find a few great co-working spaces here that will allow you to rent your own office space and spend time working alongside other like-minded people.

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Puerto Vallarta

Hugging the shores of Mexico’s glittering Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta is a lively resort town with an undeniably vibrant spirit. While many flock to its pristine beaches and the lively bars of El Malecón to relax and wind down, the town’s cobblestoned heart is perfect for those in need of a scenic location to focus on their work.

With plenty of remote working spaces and modern offices providing high-speed wifi - and not to mention a thriving ex-pat community - you’ll soon find yourself getting in the swing of daily life in Puerto Vallarta. In between all that hard work, you can reward yourself with an indulgent lunch at Makal, or head down to the shores of Los Muertos Beach for an afternoon jog along the coast.

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Punta Mita

A private peninsula set on the northern end of Banderas Bay, Punta Mita boasts the most spectacular views across the sweeping, aquamarine waters of the Pacific Ocean. Part of the small state of Nayarit in Western Mexico, this exclusive area is perfect for those who want to experience total seclusion while working and living away from home.

Combining the peace and quiet of a rural village with the luxuries of a five-star resort, Punta Mita offers the best of both worlds. If you manage to catch a break from your busy work schedule, it's worth spending a long weekend (or an entire week) exploring the peninsula’s coastal delights; from private sailing adventures to relaxed fishing trips, there’s so much to fill up your free time here.

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Renowned for its laid-back, bohemian spirit, the vibrant town of Sayulita is a remote worker’s dream. This enchanting coastal resort is one of Mexico’s pueblo mágicos - or magic towns - owing to its traditional architecture, unique cultural identity, and local attractions.

Among the colourful street markets and stalls are an abundance of authentic Mexican eateries and cafes to bring your laptop along and spend the morning catching up on emails beside a hearty guajolota or bowl of chilaquiles to get you fuelled up for the day. Being a smaller town, the internet speed here might not be as fast as what you would find in Puerto Vallarta, but the setting more than makes up for it.


Sat beside the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum is an ancient port town that offers something for all types of visitors; whether you’re a nature lover, a self-confessed culture vulture, or a party-goer in search of the next best nightlife scene. If you’re looking for a versatile setting to both work and play in, then this picturesque resort might just be the one.

Spend just an hour of your lunch break exploring the surrounding area and you’re bound to land upon something fascinating. Outside the town, impeccably preserved Mayan ruins and refreshing natural pools lie just off the beaten track, encircled by Tulum’s lush tropical forests.

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