Discover our newest villas in Capri


20 March, 2024


4 April, 2024

These 4 new villas in Capri are perfect for a summer getaway

With a rich history, unparalleled natural beauty, and gorgeous weather, the glamorous Mediterranean retreat of Capri is certainly the dream holiday destination. Enjoy a lavish escape on the island, surrounded by panoramic views of the azure Mediterranean Sea.

Discover four of our newest villas on the island. Each of them comes with a tranquil terrace and pool that provide the perfect vantage point to savour the island's beauty in privacy. These villas are perfectly located in exclusive spots across the island, granting convenient access to Capri's charming town centre, pristine beaches, and renowned cultural attractions.

Villa Corolli

Campania, Amalfi Coast, Capri

Perched on Capri's green hill of Tiberio, Villa Corolli, a whitewashed gem dating back to the late 19th century, offers breath-taking views of the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and Mount Vesuvius from its numerous terraces. The villa seamlessly combines traditional Capri architecture with modern amenities across its five ensuite bedrooms, accommodating up to 14 guests.


Campania, Amalfi Coast, Capri

Set within lush gardens teeming with Mediterranean flora, Litodora is a stunning waterfront oasis on Capri, offering breath-taking vistas of the glistening ocean. Inside, the villa features a light and airy atmosphere with pale blue and white plush sofas, complemented by light wood furnishings and beautifully patterned floor tiles that mirror the serene colour palette of the horizon.

Villa Aiano

Campania, Amalfi Coast, Capri

Villa Aiano, an exquisite six-bedroom Italian villa on the Tyrrhenian coast, accommodates up to 12 guests. Offering sweeping views of the Gulf of Sorrento, the chic Amalfi coast, and Capri, all while being surrounded by stunning gardens fragrant with jasmine; this villa is a retreat fit for royalty, even boasting its own funicular railway.

Villa Tramonto

Campania, Amalfi Coast, Capri

Nestled amidst fragrant lemon trees, Villa Tramonto on the enchanting island of Capri is a serene oasis accommodating up to eight guests. Colourful gardens envelop the villa, providing a breath-taking azure ocean view and easy access to the amenities and attractions of Anacapri for a truly stress-free holiday in paradise.

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