Barbados with Olesia Stefanko


18 February, 2022


30 April, 2023

Discover the most beautiful villa in Barbados

After searching endlessly for the perfect spot for a family getaway, Olesia Stefanko came across the gorgeous Mango Bay. Often described as one of the most beautiful houses in Barbados, this is a truly spectacular holiday hideaway, ideal for an unforgettable family trip.

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Olesia Stefanko in Barbados

It was the first time we stayed in such a unique and beautiful place although we had rented many houses before. The villa’s atmosphere is so incredible that it encloses you in a world of peace, calm and relaxation.

'We searched for a villa for more than a month and it was so hard to book anything during peak season. Thankfully, one day I found onefinestay on Google and I fell in love with the Mango Bay villa. And I must say that it exceeded our expectations and I can’t put into words how happy we were we had found it!'

Olesia Stefanko in Barbados

'The area around the villa is very beautiful and well-maintained. You can just walk there and be delighted with everything you see around you. Our little toddler was the happiest kid ever as he could walk there all day long and admire everything there.

The villa’s staff: the chef, the butler, the housekeeper were all amazing. It was such a pleasure to stay in a place like this, and we will definitely recommend it to all of our friends. We had already been to Barbados before but our stay at Mango Bay revealed a new side of the island to us. We’d love to come back again in a couple of years.'

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